In recent decades anthropology, especially ethnography, has supplied the prevailing models of how human beings have constructed, and been. Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological Delusions. Timothy R. Pauketat. Altamira Press, Lanham, MD. xii + pp. $70 (cloth), ISBN Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological Delusions has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. A said: Big Timothy Pauketat picks a bone with how he thinks Mississippian arc.

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From Colonization to Complexity In Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological DelusionsTimothy Pauketat confronts his colleagues with the stereotypes that guide our interpretations of past societies.

Of course, after the fact, people — often politicians with ulterior motives — claim that some institution or another was always in existence.

Mel marked it as to-read Aug 02, Conflict in the Archaeology of Living Traditions. Don’t consider the Cold War, Sputnik, computers, or the Internet. To Pass On a Good Earth. You mean to tell me that it didn’t have an effect acrhaeological any before or after? Institutions are always under construction, literally and figuratively.

Maggie rated it liked it Oct 21, This volume will repay rereading and careful study, and this reviewer intends to assign it in her North American prehistory course in the spring.


The concepts of city, Mother Culture, Cahokia-centric views, and Cahokian influence seem intuitively to make sense.

The review must be at least 50 characters long. Once Macon Chiefxoms was abandoned — probably close to AD — the locality was not reinhabited, suggesting a lingering fear of the place, taboos linked to its former inhabitants, or bad memories of events that happened othher.

Pauketat series Aarchaeological in Eastern Woodlands Archaeology. After all, pyramids were ‘features of living landscapes, observed by all, recollected differently by many, [and] liable to archaeologgical co-opted’ by communities, factions, or specific individuals Cihefdoms and Alt I know what the words mean individually, but together they don’t make much sense.

Louis north into Wisconsin. Again, duh — would anyone except archaeologists-for-hire by contractors ever argue anything else? It would enliven a seminar class on complexity, archaeological theory, or North American archaeology. The Land of Prehistory. Ashley added it Oct 08, Some of you are going to love it; some, I suspect, are going to hate it. Historic confederacies and provinces in pre-Columbian eastern North America were multiethnic aggregations that some feel may have been on the raod to state formation Muller and Willcox Bot the meanings and the proposed functions of any mound might well have been contested through time at some central place.

Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological Delusions

This is what makes reading this so confusing for me: He mentions dual-processualism and historical processualism, and contrasts these with “evolutionist” perspectives, but I confess that the distinctions were never clear to me –though it was clear they were immens Pauketat is clearly exercised about something here, but I have to say that for a non-archaeologist, it’s a little unclear what that might be.


Pay no attention to migrations, ethnic cleansing, world wars, and the unequal accumulation of economic capital. Pioneers in Historical Archaeology. Mississippian is probably better considered a transregional sptio-cultural phenomenon — an ethnoscape’ in Arjun Appadurai’s terms — much like ‘civilization’ and ‘globalization.

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. The mound builders probably came from many different backgrounds, with at least as many different understandings of what earthen construction meant. Histories of Southeastern Archaeology. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological Delusions by Timothy R. Pauketat

Whose bones were kept in a particular temple? Annie rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Return to Book Page. Coming of Age in Chicago.