Christ the Healer, first published by my late father, F. F. Bosworth, in , has been in continual print for seventy-six years. The book has been the living pioneer. F. F. Bosworth’s earnest prayer was that many thousands would learn to apply the promises of God’s Word to their lives through his book, Christ the Healer. Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth is more than a classic book on healing. It is a classic book on faith – faith for healing. I agree with Bosworth’s assertion that.

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The pastor there asked Bosworth to preach on Divine healing.

Christ the Healer

View all 3 comments. When his wife died inhe arranged for someone to look after his children, then went started larger scale evangelistic meetings. Archived from the bosworht on October 25, Want to know what God is like? Thorough Biblical investigation of healing in the Bible and particularly the life of Christ. Pity that the language and anecdotes are a bit dated, but the truths are timeless.

Despite being persecuted by Dowie’s successor, W. However, He is also much more willing to perfect our healing — He bosworyh Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals you see Exodus Check date values in: This book is a great resource for scriptures on healing! This is a Christian classic, written inand has been reissued several times.

How to Receive Healing from Christ. Divine healing has been a controversial topic in the Church of today prompting questions such as: This is a foundational work on Christ’s ever-present activity for healing all His children.


He died in Greg Moses, but we are all healed in different ways. Oct 18, Prosper Azanuwa rated cheist really liked it. From there he held meetings in Fitzgerald Georgia, Conway S. The best book I’ve ever read on the subject of healing. This is an hhe book on healing and truths. Inwhen Bosworth’s family thought it was his time to go, Branham visited his bedside, prayed with him, and was greatly encouraged by his testimony.

He later described the experience as joyful. Powerful classic on healing to be read yearly! Some good scriptural foundation for healing.

The Faith That Takes. It appears that he first met John G.

F. F. Bosworth – Wikipedia

When Bosworth came into a Pentecostal experience inhe had an intense desire to preach the gospel, leaving his business pursuits and stepping out in faith for his subsistence. In Fitzgerald, Bosworth had begun and directed a band, and had gained the respect of the band members to the extent that they tried to apply Bosworth’s values to their lives. From Genesis through to Revelation, Bosworth was a rather remarkable man. Healing under the New Covenant – Done Deal!

Bosworth offers an astonishing discussion of healing, based on the premise that Jesus redeemed us from our diseases when he atoned for our sins.

Through at leastit appears that when Bosworth was not overseas, he worked with Branham on a number of campaigns. Bosworth held a number of evangelistic and healing meetings across the United States and Canada in the s, with thirty-nine extended meeting locations in the six-and-a-half years mentioned in Joybringer Bosworth.


Sam and other friends visited me often afterwards, and this book was a great source of peace. A classic faith-building work on healing for the Christian. Voliva, the Perhamites remained intact for about a year. He refutes, simply and intelligently through scripture, every argument that I will never give away this book.

He then started another church in Dallas, affiliating with the Alliance church again, and his revival meetings in the s were sponsored by the Christian and Missionary Alliance church. However, he writes energetically about his subject matter. Bosworth’s Christ the Healer provided just that.

Jun 13, Jennie rated it it was amazing. He establishes a foundation for healing being God’s will for his people, provided for in the atonement of Christ, and manifested in the life of Christ.

See other reviews for first-person testimonies of physical healing as a result of believing the principles taught by F. A year or so after they were married, after seeing copies of Dowie’s newsletter, Bowsorth and his wife moved to Zion, Illinois then called Zion Citya theocratic, utopian town where modern medicine was banned and only faith healing was allowed.

Author takes some interpretive liberties beyond scripture. Every Christian should not only read this book, they should buy extra copies and give them out to those that are sick.