Damianita, Hierba de San Nicolas, False Damiana, Mariola, Romerillo, Garanona, San Nicolas, Calanca, Yeyepaxtle Chrysactinia mexicana. Asteraceae. Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita in hot, dry climates. Scientific: Chrysactinia mexicana. Common: damianita (now that’s weird) Family: Asteraceae Origin: High deserts of NE Arizona, SE Utah and SW Colorado to.

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Prune lightly after bloom periods to shape plant. In the sexual behavior test, satiated males treated with the extracts of Cm and Td or with yohimbine exhibited a normal pattern of movement in the course of copulation, which was not different from that shown by males receiving the vehicle; that is, these rats did not demonstrate hyper- or hypoactivity nor stereotyped or circling movements.

In agreement with these, the present results provide evidence that the standardized extract of Cm at a high dose produces the reversal of sexual exhaustion state. Results of the present study are in agreement with this information, in that the sexually competent males utilized for our experiment presented all phases until reaching the sexual exhaustion state by means of free copulation. Facilitation of the expression of male sexual behavior was reported when treatments increased the proportion of males able to execute mounts and intromissions and to achieve ejaculation.

Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo for the revision of this manuscript. Treatment with Cm produced no significant effects on IL H 0. Specific studies are necessary to support these hypotheses.

Results are expressed as mean S. For induction of receptivity, ovariectomized female rats were treated in a sequential manner with estradiol benzoate Sigma-Aldrich, St.

Mexicaja of Sexual Behavior Male rats were trained for sexual experience in five sessions, one session per week, with sexually receptive females. Current experiments revealed that in SExh males the treatment with an aqueous extract of C.

Statistics The proportion of copulating animals was analyzed utilizing the Fisher F -test. Asteraceae ass-ter-AY-see-ee Info Genus: A systematic account of the family Asteraceae, vol.


These facts suggest that the constituents of Cm may engage in an interaction with dopaminergic system in the mesolimbic pathway.

Damianita daisy

There is evidence that copulation to satiation induces physiological changes that include transient modifications in brain functions [ 1718 ]. From the National Suppliers Directory According to the inventory provided by Associate Suppliers, this plant is available at the following locations: Results were expressed as mean number of counts SEM. This information derives from ethnomedical reports, which attribute prosexual effects to a group of plants, although scientific information of their pharmacological chrysactini is not widely published.

It has tended to lean over at times cats after butterflies may be a factor. Following a wet late winter, the hills erupt in yellow in early medicana.

Reversal of sexual exhaustion was determined by a significant increase in the percentage of rats able to resume copulation after ejaculation from the beginning of copulation taking the first intromission into account. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat The mexican is beyond heavenly, especially during an Ice Storm. The mesolimbic system is composed of mesencephalic structures, such as the ventral tegmental area VTAwhich contains dopaminergic neurons that dhrysactinia projections to limbic structures such as the nucleus accumbens NAc.

A number of studies has demonstrated that the mesolimbic system comprises a fundamental target for installation of sexual satiation in males. Post a comment about this plant. It is important to bear in mind that the phenomenon of sexual exhaustion and its reversal is very complex and is regulated by circuits beyond those participating in the expression of regular sexual behavior [ 1748 ].

Significant drought hardiness and wonderfully aromatic foliage are two features damianita has going for it.

Southwest Desert Flora

In this mexicaan treatments did not induce alterations in general motor activity, that is, stereotypes or circling behavior. The effects of sex hormones are produced by two mechanisms: Achenes are distributed by the wind, much like those of the common dandelion Taraxacum officinale.

View at Google Scholar L. Differences in the effective treatment doses utilized here for the reversal of sexual satiation could be explained taking into account that yohimbine is a pure drug, while crude extracts are constituted of multiple components [ 1021 ] of which their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics are unknown.


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

Our previous phytochemical investigations of the aerial parts of Cm led us to obtain a number of secondary metabolites; many of these are flavonoids in relatively high abundance [ 2122 ]. Taking these data together, it is possible to suggest that the prosexual actions of Cm in SExh males are produced by changes in dopaminergic transmission in the mesolimbic system. The flower heads are golden yellow, 1 inch across, commonly with 8 narrow ray flowers, on slender stems at the end of the branches.

Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The foliage is fragrant crush a leaf to get the full effect. The protocol was approved by the local Ethics Committee. To receive news and publication updates for BioMed Research International, enter your email address in the box below.

Chrysactinia mexicana, Damianita, Southwest Desert Flora

Technically a shrub; used like a flower. It is easy to germinate but it is a slow grower. Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana.

Table of Contents Alerts. Growing Conditions Water Use: This Asteroideae article is a stub. The species is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental because of its attractive flower heads and its aromatic properties.

To keep damianita more compact, remove the woody stems from underneath and deadhead or tip the tops. However, more research is needed in order to know whether these extracts or their components are able to raise sex hormones in a shorter time period.

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