CONTEXt: Stem and leaves infusion of Chuquiraga spinosa (R&P) Don. ( Asteraceae) is used in the Peruvian traditional medicine for its. Background: The main objective was to evaluate the possible protective effect of Chuquiraga spinosa extract on N-methyl nitrosourea (NMU)-induced prostate. The main objective was to evaluate the possible protective effect of Chuquiraga spinosa extract on N-methyl nitrosourea (NMU)-induced prostate cancer in rats.

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There is a great potential to develop Chuquiraga spinos as an alternative therapeutic agent in gastric cancer treatment, and hence further studies are needed, particularly clinical studies, to further evaluate this effect. Disruption of Klf4 in villin-positive gastric progenitor cells promotes formation and progression of tumors of the antrum in mice. The protective effect was determined through weights as well as biochemical, hematological; the antioxidant capacity by superoxide dismutase SOD14 nitric oxide NO15 malondialdehyde MDA 16 and the anti-inflammatory capacity by the level of C-reactive protein CRP.

Adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer with S-1, an oral fluoropyrimidine. Effect of Chuquiraga spinosa chjquiraga on biochemical parameters. Gastric cancer is the third cause of death in the world 1 Gastric chkquiraga including systemic lymph node dissection is the current protocol of treatment for gastric cancer.

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Article Information continued Copyright statement: ArticleView Abstract Pharmacognosy Journal,10, 1, Jpn J Cancer Res. Quantitative C-reactive protein CRP determined by an immunoturbidimetric method in rapid differential diagnosis of acute bacterial and viral diseases of children. A rapid, simple spectrophotometric method for simultaneous detection of nitrate and nitrite. Ethical considerations During the experimental process, international ethical principles for research using laboratory animals were respected.


This study evaluated the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal activities of C. Anticancer attributes of desert plants: Phytochemical screening, antioxidant activity and analgesic effect of Waltheria ovata Cav. Casado found that reactive oxygen species ROS are important in the pathogenesis of cancer and cancer cells have many ROS that induces malignant phenotype. Z Asteraceae sp. Clinical usage of hypolipidemic and antidiabetic drugs in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Blood samples were collected to assess the biochemical parameters and hematological indicators.

Phylogeny, morphology, and biogeography of Chuquiragaan Andean-Patagonian genus of Asteraceae-Barnadesioideae. We do not have the seeds of this species. Background Gastric cancer GC is one of the most frequent diseases in human population: Our philosophy and explanations about this page. Beauchamp C, Fridovich Iauthors.

Chuquiraga spinosa subsp. huamanpinta – Wikispecies

The presence of phytochemical constituents, such as alkaloids, chuquraga, quinone, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, steroids and phenolic compounds were determined with the standard qualitative phytochemical spinosx described.

Effects of melatonin on islet neogenesis and beta cell apoptosis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: However, the complete mechanisms on which those effects are based are unknown. Dysplasia is more biologically related to malignant transformation of gastric mucosa and in this study, all animals that received the tumor inducing agents showed great dysplasia especially in the group that not received treatment.


A P-value of 0. Phylogeny of Chuquiraga sect.

Arboles y arbustos de los Andes del Ecuador. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available with journals phcog.

Chuquiraga spinosa subsp. huamanpinta

Chuquiraga acanthophylla Chuquiraga arcuata Chuquiraga atacamensis Chuquiraga aurea Chuquiraga avellanedae Chuquiraga calchaquina Chuquiraga doniana Chuquiraga echegarayi Chuquiraga jussieui Chuquiraga kuscheli Chuquiraga kuschelii Chuquiraga longiflora Chuquiraga morenonis Chuquiraga oblongifolia Chuquiraga oppositifolia Chuquiraga parviflora Chuquiraga raimondiana Chuquiraga rosulata Chuquiraga ruscifolia Chuquiraga spinosa Chuquiraga straminea Chuquiraga tomentosa Chuquiraga weberbaueri.

ChS refers to Chuquiraga spinosa ethanolic extract. Buege J, Aust Sauthors. Some species have been used as fuel, as traditional medicinesand as ornamental plants. This method leads to a quick and peaceful death, acceptable for rats. More photos 3 of Chuquiraga spinosa Less.

Objective The main objective was to evaluate the possible protective effect of Chuquiraga spinosa extract on NMU N-methyl-N nitrosourea -induced gastric cancer in rats. Yellow, 7 – 14 petals Height: In regard to weights of experimental animals a significant increase of body weight was found in all groups treated with ChS.

Image of Chuquiraga spinosa subsp. More species from the same Asteraceae family in our data base: Chuquiraga spinosa was collected, in January, from Huancayo, Peru, and identified by Hamilton Beltran.