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Igor Montenegro rated it really liked it Aug 19, In this context, a study of Frazer’s The Golden Bough is also essential: When we think of Greek and Roman religion, we immediately think of gods like Zeus, Athena, Apollo, and Venus and such, but de Coulanges goes even further back than that, to the domestic gods that were the dead ancestors of each family, and that protected only that family and their property so long as the living members of the family faithfully carried out the proper rites and sacrifices and owned the property on which their tombs were located.

Relationships between the living and the dead were very real and woe-betide the man who did not have a son to look after him after he was dead.

The tone is polemical throughout, especially acerbic towards German scholars, and Fustel de Coulanges concludes, rather crossly one feels, ‘we do not maintain that it is inadmissible to believe in primitive communism. Apr 04, Frederick rated it it was amazing. What we do maintain is We learn how eventually Rome acquired empire. Jun 06, Jim Whitefield rated it really liked it. This one was pretty fascinating, actually. Trivia About The Ancient City From its first appearance it called to itself the whole human race.


Those belonging to a family gens were deemed citizens but their clients, slaves and in Rome the plebeians held no stake in their governance. Such personal religious activity was time consuming and extensive.

A CIDADE ANTIGA by jefiter gabriella gabriella on Prezi

Gradually, the laws were weakened, so that wealth rather than religion came to define individual identity and civic life. Old religious believes are still powerful cidaed if so fistel time antigs passed. Entretenido libro de las costumbres griegas y romanas antiguas, muchas de ellas base de las nuestras. All subsequent interactions with the world were governed by the presence of this ominous being.

It’s hard going but extremlely interesting, and to my very limited knowledge of that period of history, seems coherent, but to be blunt I am nowhere near sufficiently versed aniga Classical theory to know if it is still held in high regard.

It was only the upheaval of the primitive religions that created what we see as the classical pagan state, and we can’t understand it without understanding some of that religious belief.

Through an in-depth study of mostly Greek and Roman classics, the author shows that ancient religion was tied to the family and the state.

Land could not be willed or sold, but was simply passed on to male heirs, who were obligated to continue the family worship.

I can’t say how accurate his ideas fsutel, but I can say that it’s definitely a great read for a religiously-minded lover of history. An idea of a divinity superior to that of the household began to appear. Books by Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges.


This book really changed my opinion, its thesis being that the ancients weren’t “like” us, as people in the xidade century liked to believe, but more like the Brahmans of India before the Europeans arrived in force. Lo capta bien el autor cuando se pregunta: The book is a must read in order to understand Roman and Greek cultures. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

There are extensive fuwtel and references for further study.

This fascinating sociological account reveals the significance of kinship and the cult of the family hearth and ancestors to ancient Hellenic and Latin urban culture. Feb 27, Rico Strinati added it Recommends it for: These ideas according to the author gave authority to the ancient institutions of family and then the city.

Fustel De Coulanges was content with the accounts of the primary sources of antiquity. Fustel de Coulanges in the next phase of his text deals with the various revolutions between the lower classes and the ancient order.

The Ancient City: A Study of the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome

The world bears witness to the developments between Ukraine and Russia. Feb 27, Denisse rated it liked it. Thus a male dominated society evolved and women could not inherit.