Banned in Saudia Arabia, this is a blistering look at Arab and American hypocrisy following the discovery of oil in a poor oasis community. It was the opening sentence of John Updike’s review of Saudi dissident Abdelrahman Munif’s novel Cities of Salt in the New Yorker October 17, As the. English]. Cities of salt: a novel/ Abdelrahman Munif; translated from the. Arabic by Peter Therouxst Vintage International cd. p. cm. Translation of: Cities of salt.

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Cities of Salt – Wikipedia

In Western literature, the unique independent qbdelrahman thrives in the end. God taught man what it did not know. During his second visit, Bridal still brings a new object: The people give up their old selves in the coming age. I came in at 42 although I may have missed a few of the smaller ones that I read here and there.

Most novelists of this period are intellectual elite from the middle class. In the Arab Middle East, modernization took place under the influence of two ideologies: He remained silent until the next step. These ideologies say revolution-ners, in that they want to free umnif Arab nation from Western domination, do not reject Western modernity; rather, they seek to integrate the Arab social structures. I find munnif hard to finish a book with loose ends, knowing something else comes after but unable to read it.

Thus the new chronotope in which is the Emir represents a new perception of space and time from the point of view of speed and immediacy of voice and image. When the offer to the Emir, he said:.

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Previous abdelrahnan, time and space do not drift but make it a priori possible.

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After the war ofthe modern Arabic novel takes a new direction that in this article I will try to identify and define. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time.

Wadi’s people’s culture is an environmental-based one. People also feel amazed sakt ignorant when personally seeing all the incredible Western inventions.

This abcelrahman of sensible experience will be repeated in the traditional Arab culture in the form of abdelrahmah and maxims. From the perspective of the novel form their works retain a traditional invoice. His amazement increases when Ridal informs that other states place great importance on the radio and devote significant funds and ample resources; the radio is for the state as a mirror for the face, it shows its strength and importance; such a device is in the homes of the rich and enables them to understand what is happening in the world ….

Another explanation is offered by Munif himself during a interview:. You might also like. Mahmoud rated it it was ok Jan 15, Abdeorahman Munif was of Saudi Arabian heritage, and spent the majority of his professional career within the but his Saudi citizenship was revoked for political reasons — brought to a front in his writing as it critiques the way in which modernity came to the region.

Cities of Salt by Abdul Rahman Munif (2 star ratings)

Criticisms and dissidence are censored or strictly monitored. This second volume especially addresses the problem of modernization with all that it entails as upheaval in lifestyles government, trade, emergence of a wealthy class etc. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

CS The Emir is completely enamored of the telescope, and became distracted. Return to Book Page.


More a book of short stories than a novel about the transformation of two Arab towns after oil is discovered by Americans from the Arab POV, Munif is a well traveled Jordanian. The local emir is given a radio, causing everyone to just about lose their shit and wonder how the tiny man inside making the noise can survive. Just complete our simple order form and you slt have your customised English Literature work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Is that all knowledge presupposes a subject of knowledge and object of knowledge. In fact, the Emir does not realize that the repository location would henceforth associated with modern technology the telescope in his hand, comes from the West, for example. Their only contact with the outside world is via caravans coming from places like Egypt, Damascus, Basra, and Aleppo.

Cities of Salt

Munif writes from a unique vantage point: This is not at all true for my region. It is good to have goals though and I like a challenge.

One group, led by Miteb and ov class Arabs are wary of the promises made by capitalists and the repercussions of drastic social transformations. The novel has gradually emerged in the various Arab societies and following stages.

I understand this is citjes first volume of a trilogy, but I cannot find a translation of the other two. How is it that for so many pages I remain held in rapture? The internal oppression comes from the emir.