Paramount make clariflocculator mechanism is suitable for installation in RCC circular basin, Centrally Driven. Avighna Claritec offering Clariflocculator in Upvan, Thane, Maharashtra. chamber radially flows outward in to the clarification chamber for further processing. Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being Isolating the particle components first using these processes may reduce the volume of downstream water treatment processes like filtration.

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Available as centre driven and end driven models, these clariflocculators consists of concentric circular compartments. Complete range of Mineral water machines, Mineral water treatment plants.

Clariflocculator List of Installation.


Various biological and chemical treatments are performed on waste water to filter out impurities and dissolved substances from the water. As per Client requirement Traction drives for clarifiers are selected according to the application and the required torque, to achieve the tip speed of scraper to 2. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. It is the economical and an essential part of effluent treatment plants and other raw water treatment plants.

Necessary weir plates along with fixing bolts to proceess fixed to the outlet launder can also be provided on request. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant. All these clarifiers are widely used in almost all types of water treatment plants.

Find more suppliers in Thane Clarifiers in Thane. Views Read Edit View history. This allows the separation of the solids in the clarifier to occur more efficiently and easily; aiding in the conservation of energy.

Sewage Treatment Plants, Clarifier, Clariflocculators, Effluent Treatment Systems

As per Client requirement 4. High efficiency tube settlers use a stack of parallel tubes, rectangles or flat pieces separated by a few inches several centimeters and sloping upwards in the direction of flow.


This structure creates a large number of narrow parallel flow pathways encouraging uniform laminar flow as modeled by Stokes’ law. This waste treatment plant is widely used in industries and residential areas for treating sewage water.

Clarification is the process to remove suspended solids from water which is done by Clarifier. Looking for Product Name?

In this process, dissolved oxygen demanding organic substances are removed The waters is then clarified by separating clarifloccjlator liquid from grown bacterial cells using gravity Tertiary Treatment: The drive units are mounted one above another. Tube settlers are commonly used in rectangular clarifiers to increase the settling capacity by reducing the vertical distance a suspended particle must travel.

Flocculator Drive is comprised of: Product Description Clariflocculators are combination of both flocculation as well as clarification.

Telescopic Sludge Discharge Valve. During this time, heavy solids settle down to the bottom of the tank and become thick slurry known as primary sludge.

Sewage Treatment Plants are installed and commissioned clariflocculattor various industries for treating waste before discharging them into water bodies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Installation of perforated baffle walls in modern clarifiers promotes uniform flow across the basin. Tube settlers capture the fine particles allowing the larger particles to travel to the bottom of the clarifier in a more uniform form. Sedimentation tanks have been used to treat wastewater for millennia. To further discourage the overt mixing within the clarifier and increase the retention time allowed for the particles to settle, the inlet flow should also be distributed evenly across the entire cross section of the settling zone inside the clarifier, where the volume is maintained at The bridge is provided with chequered plate, MS hand railing so that it can be used as walkway to have access to the drive unit at the centre.

Before the water enters the clarifier, coagulation and flocculation reagents, such as polyelectrolytes and ferric sulfate[2] can be added. For a description of simpler settling ponds without solids removal machinery, see Settling basin. The effluent is further treated to remove nitrogen, phosphorus, microbes and fine suspended particles.

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Get in Touch with us Avighna Claritec. All these sewage treatment plants are used for treating sewage and effluents coming out from commercial establishments, residential areas and industries. The clarifiers operate on the principle of gravity-separation. The bottom clariflocculattor the shaft rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone.

Sedimentation tanks called secondary clarifiers remove flocs of biological growth created in some methods of secondary treatment including activated sludgetrickling filters and rotating biological contactors.

Clariflocculators Design | Manufacturer | Supplier Pune | India

All the systems used for controlling water pollution are suitable for industrial, domestic and commercial establishments. This is done by routine inspections and the frequent cleaning of the quiescent clairflocculator and the inlet and outlet areas of the clarifier in order to ascertain the extent of sediment build up and to clean and remove any scouring, litter, weeds or debris that may have accumulated over time.

The plants can be fully automated or manually operated plant by means of daily operator input. Waste water is fed into settling tanks During this time, heavy solids settle down to the bottom of the tank and become thick slurry known as primary sludge Floating materials are skimmed from the surface of tank Secondary Treatment: The two dominant forces acting upon the solid particles in clarifiers are gravity and particle interactions.