Available in: Paperback. Written by one of the foremost American authorities on sociological theory, Classical Sociological Theory gives. Buy Classical Sociological Theory 6th edition () by George Ritzer for up to 90% off at Classical Sociological Theory by Dr. George Ritzer starting at $ Classical Sociological Theory has 9 available editions to buy at Alibris.

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In order to view www. Please check your settings if you are already using one of thse. Description Table of Contents Features Written by one of the foremost authorities on sociological theory, this text gives readers a comprehensive overview edihion the major classical theorists and schools of sociological thought.

The integration of key theories with biographical sketches of theorists and the requisite historical and intellectual context helps students to better understand the original ritzsr of classical authors as well as to compare and contrast classical theories. Introduction to Sociological Chapter 1.


McGraw-Hill Education Canada Highereducation

A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years Chapter 2. Classical Sociological Theory Chapter 3. Alexis de Tocqueville Chapter 4.

August Comte Chapter 5. Herbert Spencer Chapter 6. Karl Marx Chapter 7.

Emile Durkheim Chapter 8. Max Weber Chapter 9. Georg Simmel Chapter Thorstein Veblen Chapter Joseph Schumpeter Chapter Karl Mannheim Chapter George Herbert Mead Chapter Alfred Schutz Chapter New to this Edition New chapter on Joseph Schumpeter introduces students to his sociologixal ideas, especially his famous approach to creative destruction and its association with capitalism in particular and the economy in general.

A new case study on Karl Marx’s economics in Chapter 6 describes use, exchange, surplus values, and the general law of capitalist accumulation, and explains how Marx’s economic ideas exemplify his sociological theory. A new appendix explains metatheory and the sociooogical approach that characterizes the narrative of this book.

Classical Sociological Theory by Ritzer, George

Revisions and updates reflect the latest thought in sociological theory, keeping the text up-to-date. To purchase an electronic eBook version of this title, visit www. Retained Features A clear, unbiased style of presenting sociological theory, which Ritzer’s readers have come to expect, makes the text accessible to students.


The comprehensive approach covers all of the major schools of thought, theoyr well as the key works and concepts associated with each. Chronological organization allows for easy use of supplementary readers to enhance classroom discussion or to broaden students’ understanding of theories and concepts. Biographical boxes help students conceive of sociological theories within a personal and social context. Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome.