Barker has generated acclaim and controversy with his dozens of shorter works published in the six Books of Blood.” His rather long first novel is often. Description. The Damnation Game. By Clive Barker. Marty Strauss, a gambling addict recently released from prison, is hired to be the personal bodyguard of. Praise. “A deliciously scary tale Barker’s brilliantly literary work has raised horror to a level of excellence it has rarely reached before.

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I suspect that this was the first time supernatural zombies had been used, and this carries a horrific tinge to the reader only my suspicion, I did not do a study.

There were also many loose ends, certain characters had supernatural abilities that were never fully developed or explained, and the story itself could have been much longer and substantial. His way with prose and imagination are flawless here. However, those taboos brker just the tip of the iceberg.

I give this book 5 stars. When something finally does happen, it’s not interesting enough to pay off for the boring lead up. It’s there, it’s happening, it’s part of the texture of every reader’s imagination and it gives you two strengths: I strongly recommend this masterpiece of dark fantasy horror to anyone and daamnation.

While Barker is critical of organized religion, he has stated that he is a believer in both God and the afterlife, and that the Bible influences his work. How would this translate into his first full length novel. Views Read Edit View history. Barker has sown the seeds of a fantastical world within the pages of clife book, where the reader is truly gripped damnatioon the imagination Clive has unleashed within. Despite my expectations, this piece of shit book simply will not do.

Whilst the story itself was not quite what I had been expecting, once I got into it I came to really love where things were going. I never felt quite on the same wavelength as my peers growing up and was often branded with the varker of “weird,” and on bwrker when I sat alone in my room or in the school cafeteria, Clive Barker’s imaginative world was my world, too — a world so weird that someone like me could wear their inside on the outside without fear of total banishment from the society of their peers.


I’ve slowly grown bored with most contemporary “literary” novels, and so have been slumming it up with authors like Clive Barker — his Books of Damnatuon is so good I don’t ever want it to end — and Clark Ashton Smith. After that, everyone just talks about him being dead.


Neither could I say this is an enjoyable novel Because, unlike King, Barker maintains an authorial dambation from his characters — as though watching a lab experiment unfold — that, at least to my mind, dampens the immediacy of the horror. Did damnagion understand it, but loved it. It’s the con, that’s what this book is about, again if American Gods does not owe a huge debt to this book I’m a monkey’s uncle, the risen dead slowly rotting, the twisting of it, the cypher like main character caught in the machinations of other people, tricked into death etc I do like Barker’s work, even when his stories bore me his prose excites me, I can hold some of his images to my heart like children not necessarily the skinning images or the sadomasochistic wtfery but things like “the sun rose clice a stripper” and this book lacked that.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I’m happy for you if you like Barker or for that matter King etc. There are some incredibly lame contrivances to force the plot along.

Damnation Game

I have to say, I am not fame fan of the mass market cover. Funny, after that King never really had much nice to say about Barker. What a smart, dazzling, gleefully obscene work of horror fiction!


To call this book a masterpiece might be going a bridge too far, but at least it great literature.

The Damnation Game : Clive Barker :

I wanted to do a covenant with the devil story without a devil. This first novel presents a theme which has reappeared in many of hi The Damnation Game bleeds the dark, sensual eroticism and morbid imagination that has become the Barker signature. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It deserves another read–I mean it is Barker’s work. Description Chance had ruled Marty Strauss’ life for as long as he could remember. This book in my opinion hit a lot of the same “keys” he plays in some of his other “writings”.

It’s not a very attractive image, but certainly I go on dream journeys when waking from them seems to be delivered back into this mundane, dull solidity.

I felt that some parts were a little over-long, but overall, I enjoyed it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads brker. Marty has also suffered from addiction; gambling to be precise. See 1 question about The Damnation Game…. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

The Damnation Game by Clive Barker

Encompassing many horrific and supernatural themes, The Damnation Game includes shocking imagery that’s bound to stick in the back of your mind – such as a dog flive starts to cannibalise itself. The Damnation Game is the first novel by Clive Barker, directly written after he published his first trilogy of highly renowned Books of Blood.

Pure raw horror Marty Strauss, a gambling addict, has just been released from prison when he gets hired as a personal bodyguard of Joseph Whitehead, one of the richest men on earth.