Concrescence is a developmental anomaly of dental hard tissues. It is a condition showing union of adjacent teeth by cementum. The concrescence leads to a. The incidence of concrescent teeth is reported to be highest in the posterior maxilla. The purpose of this article is to report two cases of concrescence between. predisposition of the natural distal inclination of the maxillary molar roots. Concrescence of teeth is actually a form of fusion which occurs after root formation has.

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Report of a rare case”. V Bellapu, S Nagarakanti. Bright Smiles, Bright Futures.

What Is Concrescence?

Look up concrescence in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Thus, fusion between a supernumerary tooth and a normal tooth will generally show the difference in the two halves of the crown. The abscess was drained and a thorough scaling and root planing was performed. No unusual pathological conditions were noted. This is carried out by raising a flap and drilling the required amount of bone.

Treatment The condition may cause complications with a tooth extraction or root canal, tefth both procedures involve a dental professional accessing the root of the tooth.

The conrcescence at 6 month recall showed significant reductions in probing pocket depth [ Figure 7 ]. Infobox medical condition All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with incomplete citations from December All articles with incomplete terth All stub articles. This process involves epithelial and mesenchymal germ layers resulting in irregular tooth morphology Rajendran, Pre-operative radiograph showing periapical radiolucency in relation to The fusion lead to the groove formation, which favored plaque accumulation.


Radiographic examination showed the union of a supernumerary tooth with the second permanent molar, suggesting bilateral fusion and the presence of an extensive periradicular lesion associated only with 47 [ Figure 4 ]. The concrescnece reported her past medical history to be negative. Canines — sometimes called cuspids, these teeth are shaped like points cusps and are used for tearing and grasping food.

Paramolar concrescence and periodontitis

With proper sterilization tooth 17 was extracted with slow luxation and bimanual palpation of the alveolar ridge. In this case, the reason for concrescence might be developmental, due to the position of the third molar into the furcations of second molar and also conncrescence due to the presence of deep carious lesion with the involvement of the pulp and chronic periodontitis.

Concrescence occurs when a tooth’s cementum, the material covering the root of the tooth, is joined with another tooth’s cementum. After a judicious evaluation of all information, we can report that this case represents concrescence of right second mandibular molars with supernumerary teeth.

Text Book of Oral Pathology. Patil VA, Neetha M.

Internet Scientific Publications

Use your account on the social network Facebook, to create a profile on BusinessPress. References in periodicals archive? One thinks immediately of Whitehead’s notion of a divine initial aim which guides the concrescence or progressive self-constitution of an actual occasion of experience.

Concrescence definition of concrescence by Medical dictionary https: It is extremely imperative for us as clinicians that we do all we can to save the teeth which are vitally placed in the dental arch.


If you are diagnosed with this condition, it’s important to know you haven’t done anything wrong and couldn’t have avoided it. Teth of a maxillary second and third molar. The purpose of this article is to report a case of teeth concrescence between an impacted third molar and an erupted second molar with grade III mobility that was identified post-extraction, with a review of literature.

Paramolar concrescence and periodontitis

Clinical examination revealed the presence of an irregular morphology of the permanent mandibular second molars. If decay makes it concrescdnce the enamel, it next attacks the dentin — where millions of tiny tubes lead directly to the concrsscence pulp.

Retrieved from ” https: Photographs were taken in different views Figure 1,2,3 and radiographs using digital radiograph device Satelec, Sopix 2AceMerignac, France at two different views Figure 4,5 to determine what odontogenic tissues were involved in the affected teeth.

Bodily resurrection and the dialectic of spirit and matter. Concrescence is clinically nearly impossible to be detected. It isn’t something that dental professionals see often, and it can go undetected if the teeth appear normal.

Concrescence is believed concrescenfe occur during root formation or after the radicular phase of development is complete 1,2,3,9.

The gingiva around 47 appeared to be reddish in color, with the loss of stippling and inflamed.