Mabel Condemarín 3 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. comprensión lectora. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or. tests: Prueba de Dyslexia Específica (Condemarín & Blomquist, ) and Prueba de Comprensión Lectora de Complejidad Lingüística Progresiva ( Alliende. Recursos de activación mental para incrementar la comprensión lectora: anticipación Al respecto, Pearson, Hansen y Cordón (), en Condemarín ( ).

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Developing expertise in reading comprehension.

Mabel Condemarín by INGRID ORREGO on Prezi

Services on Demand Article. However, we often find students who do not understand what they read because they lack reading comprehension skills, among other things.

Several persons could not select a complete and representative title for the theme addressed. All this integrates her prior knowledge with a support for the acquisition of new knowledge Areiza and Henao, ; Woolfolk, Metacognitive aspects of problem solving.

Problems concerning the comprehension of texts are Benito, This research inquired about the effect of a classroom intervention in metacomprehension strategies, specifically self-questioning, on reading comprehension improvement in third and fourth – graders.

Deficiencies in evaluating and regulating their own understanding. This is the result of small amount of time they spend reading, since comprnsion high school students spend less than two hours a day in reading any type of printed material Cadile and Cadile, Currently, the development of networks with electronic support Web has led to a more interactive stage for the teaching-learning process.

The test results were tabulated according to the criteria established for doing everything requested.


The results allowed us to assess the most frequent difficulties in processing information and in understanding what they read. Among these, two students identified as inconsistent propositions that were correct, although one of the lecctora did not contain the inconsistency. Understanding is not an all-or-nothing process; students can understand in part, to different degrees, or completely. The text recognized a main or central idea and numerous subordinate propositions see Table II.

The building lextora of cognition.

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However, the impact the computer has had in our society has given rise to very different and contrasting opinions. Pearson, Roehler, Dole and Duffy have shown that competent readers possess defined characteristics, among which are notable: The reading of texts, especially scientific ones, is a key technique for recovering acquired knowledge and using concepts that activate the memory as well as the ability to reason, and to make sense of and evaluate the cognitive processes developed, that is, for expanding cognitive and metacognitive skills.

In the set of propositions, he should also differentiate the main idea containing the subject, from those whose function is to present, extend, support or exemplify it. The test was given after the last partial evaluation of the course when, supposedly, there was greater interaction between students and textbook.

There were differences in reading comprehension between groups of students in the basic stage and those in the upper level of the program. The structure, organization and design of a scientific text can influence willingness to read it, and interest in the content.


Those who chose fewer than five words did so in an appropriate manner.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Among the students who completed the test as directed, there were those who showed difficulties in ranking the ideas and differentiating the main proposition from the secondary ones.

Four students wrote incorrect titles: The specialists relate these issues to the low investment lecyora education in all the countries of Latin America.

Reading comprehension was understood as a process that relates content, text and inferences, and is facilitated by metacomprehension or metacognitive processes applied to reading comprehension.

Deficiencies in this field prevent students from meeting compeension demands of academic discourse and work rhythms.

When previous ideas about a particular topic are not evoked, there are no schematics available for activating specific knowledge, and therefore, understanding will be difficult or even impossible Comprejsion, Retrieved August 18,from: Colabora en los proyectos: In this sense, Areiza and Henao emphasize the fact that many cognitive and metacognitive skills involving complex mechanisms are deployed at the end of high school and even in graduate school.

Reading; reading comprehension; metacognition; metacomprehension strategies; self-questioning. Retrieved October 16,from: Everything indicated that they were deficient in their ability to evaluate and regulate their reading comprehension.