U.S. Northern Command CONPLAN Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). February 5, The following U.S. Northern Command concept. Conplan 11 is the right place for every ebook files. These extremists target animal research labs, livestock farms, fur suppliers and retailers, restaurants. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) CDRUSNORTHCOM CONPLAN I also request that, if appropriate, fees be waived as I believe this request.

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What is the effect of this mission on the ability of DOD to perform its primary National Defense mission? This DOD Instruction requires Installations to identify emergency response personnel and assets that can provide support to the local community during emergency circumstances.

Additional RFAs are anticipated in the following areas: Apron B – ft width ft lengthsq ft or 26, sq yds Taxiway dimensions: Emergency exemptions may be needed conplab disposal of contaminated and hazardous material. Compile a list of essential elements of friendly information EEF1 and identify information critical to success of the mission using guidance established within this Tab.

This support is provided after a request by civil authorities and approval by the Secretary of Defense, cknplan is executed under military command and control but with the oversight and direction of conplaj authorities. Identify procedures to marshal passengers at the gate prior to aircraft arrival. Food, medicine, gasoline, and other necessities that depend upon ground transportation and other infrastructures are not readily available for the first 10 days following the disaster.

During all phases of the operation the objective for CAISE use is to disseminate critical information that supports the civil authorities and their desired end state.

Imagery will be used to evaluate concepts and the results of operations or campaigns. Use guidance in addendums 1 and 2, as well as chapters 1 and 3, of references n and o clnplan ensure all costs are captured and services and agencies shall bill NIFC using Standard Form SF see para 10 e above for address.

S, Are connplan indications of a predicted or 3051 emergency, disaster, or incident that has the potential to overwhelm civil authorities and impact DOD? Use of an information support capability for DSCA is requested by civil authorities and approved by the Secretary of Defense.


Public affairs should be prepared to discuss the use of information support capabilities in DSCA operations. Reports axe due to the N2C2 by daily. IV Felt indoors by many, outdoors by a few individuals during the day. Some heavy furniture moved; a few instances of fallen plaster. Repositioning of forces and supplies to avoid loss from the incident, or repositioning proximate to the incident site to speed response operations.

The FEMA Administrator plans, coordinates, and conducts the federal disaster response and recovery efforts with local, state, and tribal authorities.

Such activations are related to incidents that are somewhat predictable in intensity and location such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Civilian rental car services one located at Boca Chica air terminal are available for use and should be coordinated by DHS. Potential use of lethal force by or against DOD personnel Likely or expected?

Full text of “CONPLAN Defense Support of Civil Authorities”

Airfield certification from Air Combat Command is expected spring DOD will be in support of a primary agency, and environmental responsibilities will remain with the primary agency. Incident awareness and assessments iaa defined iaa is similar to dods definition of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance isr.

This is a six phase plan: The audit trail should include estimated and actual costs of support for each mission. Buildings shifted off foundations.

The phase ends when response forces have been relieved, redeployed and OPCON is transferred to their respective commands.

Base support will vary due to the bed down of different units and the phase of DSCA. Deploy with other mission essential supplies as directed.


The expected mission of the requested capability and an analysis to determine the Measures Of Performance MOP appropriate for the anticipated capability to enable reporting to support the Measurement Of Effectiveness MOE towards the desired effects.

Two or more Geographic Areas are experiencing incidents requiring a major commitment of National Resources. Phase V begins with the redeployment of remaining DOD forces. In DSCA operations, there is no adversary to influence. In compliance with mission analysis and coordination with the primary agency, forces will deploy with organic equipment required to accomplish the mission.


Imagery that cannot be reviewed for public release in a timely manner same day must not be delayed. Civil law and order? The specific nature of the vulnerability will be assessed as the situation develops.

Is there sufficient capacity to support current assigned missions? Instead, operators and civil authorities require information capabilities to enable their missions. The phase ends with assigned response forces deployed or when the determination is made that there is no event requiring DSCA response. Landing Zone airfield is VFR only.

NGB is developing response plans to assist the NG to prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate damages from storms and hurricanes that exceed the capabilities of the affected state s and require external military support either through Emergency Management Assistance Compacts EMAC or federal requests for assistance.

I hereby request the following records: Tasking and requirements will continue to occur as described in this appendix and these units will accomplish this as practical with priority to tactical unit mission and operations.

Federal officials will not normally actively monitor or coordinate support for these events unless specifically requested.

To optimize air operations the overall intent is to have all participating military and other federal aircraft placed onto an Air Tasking Order ATO. Data derived from law enforcement information; and all-source strategic and asymmetric capabilities is fused, analyzed, and assessed.

The specific circumstances of the DSCA operation and resources available affect the time it takes to deploy into the JOA and commence operations.

Scaling down operations, forces, C2, and logistics support. As sent, this exhibit includes force requirements for Phase I only. A typical scenario includes the requirement being identified at the event site, Incident Command Post, through situational awareness and assessment. VI forces supply base level support to include still photography, limited videography, and graphic support while COMCAM provides combat trained photojoumalists, videographers, and still and video editing services.

Close coordination with local, state, and federal agencies during DSCA actions is needed to avoid negative environmental consequences.