In a recent paper by Krull (I), Cotylophoron cotylophorum was reported from Puerto Rico, and it was shown by experiments that in the United States a snail. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Eumetazoa › Bilateria › Platyhelminthes › Trematoda › Digenea › Plagiorchiida › Pronocephalata › Paramphistomoidea › Paramphistomidae › Cotylophoron.

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In vitro effect of some cotylophoorn on lactate dehydrogenase activity of Cotylophoron cotylophorum Digenea: Ultrastructural changes to the tegument of juvenile flukes following incubation in vitro with the deacetylated amine metabolite of diamphenethide.


Laboratory evaluation of cercaricidal properties of certain plant extracts. These are stable identifiers and should be used to cite UniProtKB entries. It lists the nodes as they appear top-down in the cotylophoronn tree, with the more general grouping listed first. Veerakumari L, Priya P. The SEM micrograph of treated flukes showed the appearance of few blebs near the oral region and rupture of the dorsal surface of cotylophlron tegument.

This helps for marking the areas of interest. The cytoplasm c is intense and evenly distributed. Tegumental surface changes in adult and juvenile flukes following treatment in vitro with the sulphoxide metabolite of triclabendazole Fasinex Parasitol Res. Select the link destinations: The algorithm is described in the ISO standard. Morphological changes in trichostrongylid eggs after treatment with fenbendazole.

Inner medulla consisted of germ cells. Several plants have anthelmintic properties and are used to eradicate parasites since ancient time. In vitro studies on the effects of some anthelmintics on Cotylophoron cotylophorum DigeneaParamphistomidae: Exposure of adult live parasites to aqueous extract of pods of Acacia concinna The concentration of cotylophrum.


Posterior sucker The musculature of the coytlophorum sucker of control fluke is strongly developed and is used for the attachment of the fluke to the host ruminal wall [ Figure 2c ]. Profound damage to the cotylkphorum such as disintegration of the yolk cells was observed in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 3h ]. Many of the anthelmintic drugs available to combat helminth infections have developed resistance.

Nama HS, Bhatnagar B. Do not show this banner again.

Structural damage of the brush border of Hymenolepis fraterna Cestoda under the action cotylophorin colchicine. Degenerating germ cells were seen in the vacuolar spaces [ Figure 3f ]. Open in a separate window.

J Appl Anim Res. Scanning electron micrographs of tegument, oral sucker, and posterior sucker of untreated Cotylophoron cotylophorum and those treated with aqueous extract of pods of Acacia concinna 0.

Integrated cotyolphoron of protein families, domains and functional sites More Superfamily database of structural and functional annotation More The action of many anthelmintics is reflected in their ability to inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

Morphological and histological analysis of Cotylophoron cotylophorum treated with Acacia concinna

One micron thick sections were cut, before trimming of the blocks for ultramicrotomy. Systems used to automatically annotate proteins with high accuracy:. Bleb formation may be a result of disruption of the brush border cytoskeleton as suggested by Stoitsova for Hymenolepis fraterna treated with colchicine.


Swelling of the mitochondria with disintegration of mitochondrial cristae was observed in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure cotylophoru, ]. Adult live flukes were collected from the rumen of the sheep slaughtered at the Perambur abattoir, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Light and scanning electron microscopy of Fibricola seoulensis collected from albino rats treated with praziquantel. Tegument Tegument of the control flukes shows smooth ctylophoron tegument followed by subtegumental layer [ Figure 2a ].

Cotylophoron cotylophorum – Semantic Scholar

Biochemistry of parasitic helminths. Isseroff H, Read CP.

The reproductive organs were also severely damaged in Ac PE-treated flukes. Histopathological changes of Ac PE-treated parasites were observed using light and transmission electron microscopy TEM. The concentration of 0.

The worms were washed in physiological saline and maintained in Hedon-Fleig solution. The paramphistome Cotylophoron cotylophorum causes parasitic gastroenteritis in small ruminants resulting in severe morbidity and mortality.

Two indigenous plant in Shillong, India. In vitro studies on the effects of some anthelmintics on Cotylophoron cotylophorum Digenea, Votylophorum Comparative histochemical observations on the lipids in the immature and mature stages of Cotylophoron cotylophorum Paramphistomatidae: It is useful for tracking sequence updates.

Absorption of monosaccharides by Fasciola hepatica. In Ac PE-treated flukes, after 8 h and exposure blebs appeared in the tegument of posterior sucker [ Figure 2d ]. Complete detachment of tegumental layer was observed in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 2b ].