CS Computer Networks Two Marks Questions With Answers Anna University, Chennai. Anna_University,_Chennai_logo. UNIT I. 1. Explain ISO/OSI . CS COMPUTER NETWORKS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK BY SELVAM COLLEGE OF. A Computer network is a number of computers interconn this is for 2 marks and 16 marks question papers for data communication. Copyright: Attribution CSComputer Networks – Anna University Engineering Question Bank 4 U. Uploaded Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers. Uploaded .

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What are the four prominent wireless technologies? It is a system for sending messages to other computer users based on e-mail addresses.

In the NRZ-L sequence, positive and negative voltages have specific meanings: Name the five categories of U-frames? They act as a link between the upper layer protocols and the services provided by the lower layer. One connection is used for data transfer, the other for control information. Why the congestion occur in network? Flow control refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data. For one million users to communicate, only two million keys are needed.

These functions are handled by the IEEE In public key, there are two keys: Explain the frame format for token ring and token bus. What are the advantages of distributed processing?

What is meant by quality of service? Error control in the data link layer is based on Automatic repeat request ARQwhich means retransmission of data in 3 cases.

Write short notes on LRC. MAC sub layer resolves the contention for the shared media.


The node selects one of the access points, and sends that AP an Association Request frame. So the simple strategy used by the hamming code to correct single bit errors must be redesigned to be applicable for multiple bit correction. A Virtual Circuit Identifier that uniquely identifies the connection at this switch, and which will be carried inside the header of the packets that belongs to this connection.

The combined station is one which acts either as a primary or a Secondary, depending upon the nature and direction of the transmission.


Even when one packet represents just a place of a multi packet transmission, the network treats it although it existed alone. Creating a connection involves three steps: Page 4 of 24 Explain about congestion control. In datagram approach, each packet is treated independently from all others. What is the difference between network layer delivery and the transport layer delivery? A polynomial should be selected to have at least the following properties.

One device controls traffic and the others must transmit through it. Data circuit-terminating equipment is a device used as an interface between a DTE and a network. What are the features in OSPF? There is one special area- the backbone area, also known as area 0.

Mention the types of error negworks methods. Once an adaptor has detected a collision and stopped its transmission, it waits a certain amount of time and tries again. Piggy backing means combining data to sent and acknowledgement of the frame received in one single frame. The sender follows these steps a the units are divided into k sections each of n bits.

Explain IP addressing method. Assume compyter devices are arranged in a mesh topology.


After receiving the data appended with the CRC it does the same modulo-2 division. The third and most powerful netdorks the redundancy checking techniques is the cyclic redundancy checks CRC CRC is based on binary division.

CS – Computer Networks – 2 & 16 Marks with answers :Study Zone

A program to be run at the client side. The user support layers are: Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. It is the process of making sure that all the nodes participating in the routing protocol get a copy of the link state information from all the other nodes. The UA prepares the message, creates the envelope, and puts the message in the envelope. Switched virtual circuit format is comparable conceptually to dial-up line in circuit switching.

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The secondary station sends cs232. What is the function of stop and wait flow control? What is the function of FECN? State the two kinds of events trigger a state transition? It is a system for sending messages to other computer users based on e- mail addresses. The routing can be classified as, Adaptive routing Non-adaptive routing. Explain the duties of transport layer. By processing the data incrementally, instead of forwarding all the raw data to the base station, the amount of traffic in co,puter network is reduced.

In networks, communication occurs between the entities in different systems.