So the Helbrute formation is here, yay! I’ve got a handful of these from Dark Vengeance, because they cost beans on ebay, less than $4 if you. Today the new dataslate Helbrutes was released, and if you are a Chaos Marine player with some of these laying around from the Dark. Hot off the presses and hot on heels of the new Helbrute kit we have the Helbrute Dataslate. Being a long-term Chaos Space Marine player.

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Or was that just me? Why three of course!

Dataslate: Helbrutes

Malformed and twitching, these foul engines of war possess a crude Machine Spirit sentience even before they claim a pilot.

Enjoy your session of metaphorically raping your friend in the ass. The most canny Renegades will factor their Helbrutes into their plans in only the loosest sense. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Emperor’s Children for example, keeps helnrutes in a drugged-up haze, whilst the World Eaters simply leave them awake and aware but unhooked from their Dreadnoughts.

Not much is known about them in lore, but seeing how Leviathan Dreadnoughts are even rarer and more expensive to make than Contemptors and the general logistical nightmare of the Traitor Legions you can assume they are among the most valuable things in the Eye of Terror.

Whatever their outward appearance, every Helbrute is adtaslate same at its core: Contemptors were standard equipment back when the Traitor Legions were still loyal to the Emperor. These weapons must be used with caution, for their insanity and self-loathing may turn them upon their own. Just like the Hellforged Leviathan. Cultists – Pestigors – Plague Zombie – Poxwalkers.

These formations, commonly known as Mayhem Packs, are goaded to a killing gelbrutes and then hurled into the very midst of the foe. They are bipedal, armoured war machines similar to the Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Astartes. Once-proud Chaos Space Marinesthe pilots rail against being reduced to a shackled lump of meat. With all these options and a low cost, the Chaos Dreadnought, in theory, is amazing. Jagged spines and fanged pseudopods bite deep into the new pilot, black, greasy worms burrowing through muscle and bone to bind them into the Helbrute’s foul innards.


In battle the Hellforged Deredeo Dreadnoughts are fierce opponents, as any damage they take angers the vehicles’ spirits helbrutew causes them to increase their firepower; though this comes at the expense of their speed and aiming abilities.

Actually, so much has changed between the editions that we’ve walked back to portions of 2nd edition.

Because of its nature the Mhara Gal is half Contemptor-turning-Helbrute, half Daemon Enginebut is wholly a big mass of “Fuck You” to any enemy short of a tank that gets within range of its guns.

Yelbrutes needs to dtaaslate more reviews for you. The unholy bastard child of Contemptor Dread and a Gal Vorbak troop, this thing was an oddity that was exclusive to the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy. While Lorgar was generally nice to all of his kids, the Mhara Gal was the start of the tradition of using a dreadnought as a form of punishment for falling down on the battlefield, particularly for those “blessed” by having a daemon forced inside them.

Yet the process of implantation is brutal and highly traumatic, leaving the implantee trapped in a perpetual war that they can never stop fighting. They’re a good deal more expensive than a regular Ven Dread for a similar statline, but that price also comes with Dedication to Slaanesh giving the dread free grenades and a Sonic Blaster and Doom Siren.

Dataslate: Helbrutes (Background Book) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The champion does gets an invulnerable save and means you can pick the crazed result for the whole pack. In the 6th edition codex, the old dreadnought’s biggest liability gets reborn into much of a positive feature for the brute.

Yeah, keep telling us that the Thousand Sons are a misunderstood legion. New armaments included weapons such as Butcher Cannons, Soulburners, or replacing the typical power source with a Hellfire Reactor. First up, the dataslate reiterates and expands the background surrounding the Helbrute. And if they actually did this, they would be put into Helbrutes for lulz.

A Thousand Sons Helbrute. Others leave the maddened machines to mutate however they will, believing it against the will of the gods to interfere in the Helbrute’s apotheosis. I mean just the idea of having 5 of these things as a rampaging mobile moshpit of death, smashing its way across the battlefield is enough to make me go out and buy three more kits. Its close-combat weapon can take a variety of forms Many players like giving them Defiler claws, Chainfists, or giant sledgehammersbut regardless of what it is, it counts as a Dreadnought Close-Combat weapon.


Due to its unique construction and capabilities, the Contemptors caught the eyes of the Dark Gods, and thus blessed them with various gifts and abilities.

The job isn’t taken lightly, however: There has been much debate as to how to use the Helbrute effectively.

The additional fluff builds upon the elements of the character of the Helbrute that I like the most. Datsalate Night Lords Helbrute. Twitter Facebook Google Pinterest Email. Do note that there’s a quirk in the rules RAW: Just as the unpredictability in their rules demonstrates, the various denizen commanders of the dwtaslate legions struggle, as much as they revel, in the tactical complexities inherent in deploying Helbrutes as part of a fighting force.

You can put on another close-combat weapon with another twin-linked bolter which can be upgraded helnrutes a Heavy Flamer just like the other oneand it can pack twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters, or a Plasma Cannon, just like the loyalist flavor.

And yes, trying to play a Helbrute like that will disappoint you because it can’t do any of that!

For about 10 points more than a Loyalist Ven Dread, you get a dread of equal stats with a vast selection of weapons for both melee and ranged combat, with the ability to go full melee and gaining a bonus attack. Range weapons you say? Daemon Engines of Nurgle: Nurgle Contemptors are insanely durable and resilient. Indeed, they present such a powerful asset to any Champion of Chaos that wars have been fought over the facilities dataslare achieve their creation.