“de Profundis – Letters From The Abyss” – A Lovecraftian Game, Of Sorts – posted in The Write Stuff: Has anyone else here heard of this game?. 1. Introduction. Upon its publication, De Profundis: Letters from the Abyss was marketed and generally recognised as a role-playing game.1 Created by a game . I could only come to one conclusion from this anonymous letter. I had just been invited to a game of De Profundis. And, looking at the postmark.

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Selected contents from this journal.

Albeit generally recognised as an RPG, the game merges the features of the pervasive larp and lrtters reality game with the more traditional forms of role-playing.

The game is discussed as blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality, and destabilizing the magic circle of play, as well as merging the presentation of operational rules with what could be recognised as a game session.


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De Profundis

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