Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal .. dec__diapdf · dec__diapdf · dec__pdf · dec__pdf. El bloque de Diputados del Bloque Justicialista, que encabeza el salteño Pablo Kosiner, presentó un proyecto de ley para derogar el decreto Nº / G. E. de Rondônia, ” Decreto nº , de 01 de julho de “. The International Noise Awareness Day in Brazil-its development, guidelines.

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Provides for cooperative functions, roles and principles. En abril trae desde la Rada los restos del Vicealmirante D.

Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25 of the year concerning cooperatives. Amends sections to incl. Other provisions cover establishment, liquidation and types of cooperatives. Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Amendment Act Part 8 provides for audit, inquiry and surcharge, Part 9 for settlement of disputes, Part 10 for winding-up of cooperative societies, Part 11 for execution of decrees, orders and decisions, Part 12 for appeals and review, Part 13 for societies which become multi-state cooperative societies consequent on reorganisation of States, and Part 14 for offences and penalties.

III, respecting agricultural co-operatives [establishment and formation of co-operatives, approval of their constitutions, self-management, general meeting, mergers, splits, transformation and winding-up of co-operatives and contracts of employment].

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Sections deal with the following matters: El 25 de mayo concurre a Santa Fe, a las fiestas patrias. Co-operative Societies Act Cap. Fri, 18 Jun Fisheries cooperatives constitution dealt with in Chapter III.

Kuwait – Cooperativas – Ley. The cooperative charter documents shall contain date, place of issue, name of cooperative, purpose and area of work, capital and share value, name of each member, place of residence and occupation art. Thus, the Angolan authorities will identify the priorities, taking into account the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act No. Iraq – Cooperativas – Ley Law No. Instructions relative to the implementation of Presidential Instruction No.


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Amends, inter alia, the provisions concerning account and audit, general meetings, and membership and powers of the committee. Iraq – Cooperativas – Ley.

Implements the Law in areas known as development poles. Fisheries cooperatives activities given in Chapter IV. Part 2 regulates establishment and rights of cooperative societies. To this end appointed officials may -at any time and without prior notice- inspect the books and files of the organizations subject to the Act and carry out such other duties as may be assigned to them by the Deputy Secretary for Cooperative Affairs.

Madagascar – Cooperativas – Ley. Establishes KUDS as centers of economic services in rural areas, develops and strengthens them so that they can fulfill the responsibilities of rural communities, manage themselves and play a role in National Development.

Part 1 contains general provisions. Indonesia – Cooperativas – Ley. Law on cooperative companies. Consolidates and amends the law relating to co-operative societies with objects not confined to one State and serving the interests of members in more than one State. Su primer comandante fue el Teniente de Navio D.

The Cooperative Societies Law of Management of fisheries cooperatives is provided for in Chapter V in particular: Resolution on certain questions in connection with the artisans’, general consumers’ and sales cooperatives and their federation No. Lesotho – Cooperativas – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.


Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal

Huambo – At least 1, people have benefited from a new school, inaugurated on Thursday, in K. Provisions related to the civil law. Repeals Government Ordinances Nos. Lituania – Cooperativas – Ley.

Section 3 of Chapter 2 concerns land improvement projects undertaken by agricultural cooperative societies. It is the only news agency in the country and aims to collect, process and distribute, on a unique system, both in Angola and abroad, news on the basis of objective information about national and international events.

Defines, inter alia, the legal basis for creation and activities of small cooperatives. The amalgamated society may receive subsidies for the improvement, construction, or acquirement of facilities.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

These companies are entitled to receive the exclusive right of the Government to utilize uncultivated lands. Know about our Commercial Contact. Part 3 deals with members of cooperative societies, Part 4 with capital of cooperative society and distribution of profit, Part 5 with management and control of cooperative society, Part 6 with winding up and reorganization, and Part 7 with associations of cooperative societies.

Lists the organs of a cooperative society which consist of the members’ meeting, the committee of management, and the committee of supervision.

XX modifiant la loi No.