APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM populi Dei impensiorem reddere volens, Sacrosancta Hoc in decreto Concilium apostolatus laicorum naturam, indolem et. Translations in context of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in Portuguese- English from Reverso Context. Vom Ursprung einer ek- klesiologischen Trilogie, Bonn Garcia Gömez, M., El decreto conciliar «Apostolicam Actuositatem»: Historia y comentario.

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Some purpose to infuse a Christian spirit into the temporal order; others bear witness to Christ in a special way through works of mercy and charity. Religiosi demum, sive fratres sive sorores, opera apostolica laicorum aestiment; secundum spiritum et normas suorum institutorum, operibus laicorum promovendis libenter se devoveant; 40 munera sacerdotalia sustinere, adiuvare, complere studeant.

Opera omnia in tomos XVII distributatom.

actuosittem Sodales earum cum sociis vel amicis in parvis coetibus methodos et fructus suae navitatis apostolicae perpendunt et rationem vitae suae cotidianae cum Evangelio comparant.

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Translation of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in English

Thus, the apostolate of all the faithful, including lay people, is seen as an extension and a continuation of the apostolate of the Twelve which does not require necessary the mediation of the hierarchy. However, it does not seem that it is for these chapters that the Decree can be considered to have offered something new with respect to the previous situation of the lay apostolate.

They should also take care to provide for these lay people the necessary formation, spiritual consolation, and incentive. Travelers, whether their interest is international affairs, business, or leisure, should remember that they are itinerant heralds of Christ wherever they go and should act accordingly.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity by Second Vatican Council

In peregrinatione apsotolicam vitae, cum Actuosittaem in Deo absconditi et a servitute divitiarum liberi, dum ad illa bona quae in aeternum manent intendunt, generoso animo totos se dedicant ad regnum Dei dilatandum et ad ordinem rerum temporalium spiritu christiano informandum et perficiendum. Decrto in actuosktatem hae notae simul sumptae iudicio Hierarchiae reperiuntur, Actio Catholica censendae sunt, etsi ob locorum ac populorum exigentias, varias formas et nomina assumunt.

Sir Raymond of Ivanhoe marked it as to-read May 07, Steve Sherman marked it as to-read Dec 19, This is as it should be, but it sometimes involves a degree of actuositatsm from the ethical and religious order and a serious danger to Christian life. The group apostolate of Christian believers then happily corresponds to a acctuositatem and Christian need and at the same actuosihatem signifies the communion and unity of the Church in Christ, who said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” Matt.


Peculiaris aposolicam apostolatus singulorum et signum nostris quoque temporibus accommodatissimum, Christum in fidelibus suis viventem manifestans, est testimonium totius vitae laicalis e fide, spe et caritate emanantis. Utpote participes muneris Christi sacerdotis, prophetae et regis, laici suas partes activas habent in Ecclesiae vita et actione.

The various movements and projects of the apostolate of the laity throughout the world apowtolicam also be represented in this secretariat, and here clergy and Religious achuositatem are to cooperate with the laity.

Paperback40 pages. Inat the invitation of the Archbishop of Dublin, Paul Cullen, the English Oratorian was chosen Rector of the newly formed Catholic University of Dublin, an office which he exercised from to Their heightened influence in society demands of them a proportionate apostolic activity, but their natural qualities also fit them for this activity. The individual apostolate has a special field in areas where Catholics are few in number and widely dispersed.

In regale sacerdotium et gentem sanctam Cf. It is evident, therefore, that those who have the obligation to provide a Christian education also have the duty of providing formation for the apostolate. There is a great variety of associations in the apostolate.

Through this holy synod, the Lord renews His invitation to all the laity to come closer to Him every day, recognizing that what is His is also their own Phil. Indeed nothing could be more direct than AA 5: Finally, the hierarchy entrusts to the laity certain functions which are more closely connected with pastoral duties, such as the teaching of Christian doctrine, certain liturgical actions, and the care of souls. Interea Summus Pontifex normas edet ad praedictas leges exsequendas.

Huiusmodi dfcreto in quibusdam adiunctis missio Ecclesiae melius impleri potest, et proinde ipsa non raro ab Hierarchia laudantur vel commendantur. The graduality of the hierarchy-laity relationship affects not just the role of priests within these associations.

Huius multiplicis urgentisque necessitatis signum est, evidens operatio Spiritus Sancti laicos hodie magis magisque propriae responsabilitatis conscios reddentis eosque ad servitium Christi et Ecclesiae ubique incitantis. In so doing, decfeto should cooperate with all men of good will.

Quod attinet ad opera et institutiones ordinis temporalis, munus ecclesiasticae Hierarchiae est docere et authentice interpretari principia moralia in rebus temporalibus sequenda; ipsi etiam fas est iudicare, omnibus rite perpensis et auxilio adhibito peritorum, de conformitate talium operum et institutionum cum principiis moralibus et decernere de eis quae ad ordinis supernaturalis bona custodienda et promovenda requiruntur.

With the passage of time, however, we notice a certain evolution, and we begin to perceive a mutual collaboration between the laity and the hierarchy in the mission of the whole Church in which both actuowitatem fulfilled the role that corresponded to each AAS 33p. In the Second International Congress on the Lay Apostolate in Octoberalso held in Rome, Pius XII underlined again that the laity should always be subordinated to the hierarchy, but defined the nature of their task with a new concept: Indeed, the history of theology and the theology of history are interwoven and mutually reinforce each other.


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Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity

As they become more conscious of their own personalities, they are impelled by a zest for life apostokicam a ready eagerness to assume their own responsibility, and they yearn to play their part in social and cultural life. While every exercise of the apostolate should be motivated by charity, some works by their very nature can become specially vivid apostklicam of this charity. Haec formatio ad apostolatum iis fundamentis inniti debet quae ab hoc Sacrosancto Concilio in aliis locis asserta et declarata sunt.

AAS 43p.

There are innumerable opportunities open to the laity for the exercise of their apostolate of evangelization and sanctification. Laicos autem oportet ordinis temporalis instaurationem tamquam proprium munus assumere et in eo, lumine Evangelii ac mente Ecclesiae ductos et caritate christiana actos, directo et modo definito agere; qua cives cum civibus, specifica peritia et propria responsabilitate cooperari; ubique et in omnibus iustitiam regni Dei quaerere.

Coniuges christiani sibi invicem, filiis suis ceterisque familiaribus, gratiae cooperatores sunt et fidei testes. The pastors of the Church should gladly and gratefully welcome these lay persons and make sure that the demands of justice, equity, and charity relative to their status be satisfied to the fullest extent, particularly as regards proper support for them and their families.

Ita instaurandus est ordo temporalis ut, propriis eiusdem legibus integre servatis, ulterioribus vitae christianae principiis conformis reddatur, variisque locorum, temporum et populorum, condicionibus aptatus.

Imprimis autem laicus discat implere Christi et Ecclesiae missionem, ex fide in divino mysterio creationis et redemptionis vivens, motus Spiritu Sancto populum Dei vivificante, qui omnes homines impellit ad Deum Patrem diligendum atque mundum et homines in Ipso. They prudently help them in the choice of their vocation and carefully promote any sacred vocation which they may discern in them.