Emmanuel Eni is a crazy Nigerian author who penned a page booklet entitled Delivered from the Powers of Darkness, published by. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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Since I had already said a few things on the above in chapter three, I will only give you a testimony of what happened in the recent past. According to the books I brought, spirit beings are living in space.

Follow-up for young converts is very important and Christians should take this seriously. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Rfom account.

Satan is very much aware of the second coming of Jesus Christ and constantly urges his agents to hurry and be ardent in their operations, always saying: Catholicism Eastern Orthodox Protestantism Restorationism.

I went into operation immediately and destroyed five duplex at a go.

Emmanuel Eni – RationalWiki

Ed rated it it was amazing Aug 04, I had been trained: How very afraid I was! Shortly I became interested and immediately she saw that I was now interested.

So I became disturbed and knocked him with ffrom ring on my finger.

An orphan is an unfortunate child and more exposed to attacks of the devil than children with parents. Evelyn Can you please tell me if you found emmqnuel book?? It kicks off when the adolescent Emmanuel, living in Nigeria, meets an old schoolfriend named Alice, now in her twenties and practicing occultism: And Jesus having spoilt principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them.


Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni

After fulfilling the above I was bound delivefed to have any sexual intercourse with any women on earth. She sat down and among other things said: Darkhess nights, she would disappear and reappear. Many started sleeping, choruses were sung weakly and things went zig-zag. Alexander Haywood rated it it was amazing May 27, I went into the scientific laboratories to see what was happening. There are lots of such people around; only those in Christ Jesus are safe in real sense of safety.

She introduced me to the congregation as a new member and they applauded and welcomed me. I welcomed her in my mind. This was too much for me, so I decided to kill him physically. The ejmanuel whose money I borrowed started chasing me.

Lists with This Book. They came in human form and moved towards the door but because of the power of God they could not enter.

Have you finished running? Like I said earlier, I no longer could control myself.

Delivered from the powers of Darkness

What she told us was the following: Again, we are not discussing the secret cult members frok are in the churches some are even leaderswe know they are there.


I should go to my village and kill my uncle, a prominent powerful native doctor who was responsible, according to her, for the death of my parents.

I later picked two books: He sent for me and since in our society we have a law never to refuse calls, I decided to answer his call. They operate in various darknesw in the market. To make men and women sleep while the sermon is on. We went into a second room. This continued for a period and when the ‘sister’ saw that she had succeeded in putting out the light of Christ in Sister J, she changed and started visiting Sister Ppower in the spirit.

I knew that because of the sins in their lives, they were exposed and could be harmed seriously by these powers.

I was sad, having known that Satan does not allow young converts to go about testifying, especially emmanuep who previously were deeply involved in his activities, and would do everything to stop such testimonies.

One of them asked me: Not quite fifteen minutes she left I heard another knock. I never said a word. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle. The cry of that child broke my heart. That, you can testify from this testimony.