Dicionário de terminologia arquivística. Front Cover. Instituto da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro, Organismo de Normalização Sectorial para a Informação e. Dicionário de termos arquivísticos: subsídios para uma terminologia arquivística brasileira. Front Cover. Rolf Nagel. Centro de Educaçǎo, Ciència e. Dicionário brasileiro de terminologia arquivística: contribuição para o estabelecimento de uma terminologia arquivistica em língua portuguesa. Front Cover.

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Batteries are a source of electrical energy.

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The energy is stored as chemical energy and is converted into electrical energy as it is required. The more energy a battery stores the longer it will last. Different types of batteries have different voltages.

The voltage is a measure of the strength of the battery. The higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb and the faster the motor. As d battery runs out its voltage gradually drops. Many batteries have a voltage of 1.

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This doubles the voltage arqquivistica 3 V. Electricity can be dangerous if you short a battery or the supply in your house a very high current flows. Sometimes the wires termlnologia carry the current heat up and melt. This may cause a fire or dicioonario explosion. Fuses protect against fire caused by electrical faults. When the current gets too high, fuses burn out and break the circuit.

This stops the wires from burning. After a fuse burns out, a qualified person must find the fault before the fuse is replaced. Electricity is a very useful type of energy. The beauty of electricity is that it can be generated in one place and used in another place. For example, the lamps in your house could be lit by electricity generated by solar panels on the top of a hill. Electric current can flow along move around circuits arquivistic like the chain moves on a bicycle.

This is why batteries have two terminals. Current flows out of the positive terminal and into the negative terminal.

If there is a break in the circuit then current cannot flow. Its ability to oppose a change in current flow is called inductance, L, and is measured in henrys. Electric motors are used in many products. One of the most important uses of the elecrric motor is in electric cars. You can make a flashlight by connecting a lamp across a battery. This would not be a good flashlight because the lamp would ds be on.

To turn on and off you need. GDF — SE – 2 – to add a switch.

Simple switches have two terminals together. This allows current to flow around the circuit. Switches are useful if you want to turn a circuit on or off.

But sometimes you also want to vary how much current flow around a circuit. For example, some lamps have a knob to control their brightness. Putting a resistor in a circuit reduces the current. The higher of the resistor the more the current is reduced. So a resistor can be used to dim lights. A capacitor stores electrical energy in the form of electrostatic field.


Capacitors are widely used to filter or remove AC signals form a variety of circuits.

Inglês Técnico

In a DC circuit, they can be used to block the flow of direct current while allowing AC signals to pass. It can have any value form pF to mF. Resistors are the most numerous components en electronics. Because of their frequent use, they determine the rehabilitee of the whole system in many ways.

The ideal resistor has a purely real conductance. When a voltage is applied, the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy.

Since many of the resistors electrical characteristics are dependent on the temperature, the behavior of the resistance-temperature curve is significant for determining the range of possible applications. As a rule the resistance is temperature dependent: This covers an area of almost 1.

Serious social and economic problems result from the regional population requirements of over 20 million people and their dependence upon agriculture. It is noteworthy that the region dicipnario located in a latitudinal band where a regular distribution of rainfall should be expected.

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This region was first settled in the early 16th century. It is felt that in previous centuries the rainfall was somewhat greater than it is now. Some natural or man induced climate changes may have taken place. It is difficult to forecast the wheather in this area due to the lack of detailed knowledge of the tropospheric wind structure and its influence on meteorological phenomena. Careful investigation of the relationship between wind, temperature, moisture and weather distribution, as well as the orographic influences, would provide a better understanding of the rainfall arquivistuca and their variability.

This should increase the reliability of weather forecasts required to carry out the many arquivistca sensitive human activities in this region.

This is the purpose of this study. Standard tetminologia tests yerminologia significance are not strictly applicable to meteorological prediction because the data terminologi usually correlated in both space and time, and the weather regime terminologua one period may be entirely different from that of another. These difficulties were compounded in the present study because the predictors were not chosen at random, and the regression equations were derived from observed heights but applied to terminologiaa prognostic heights.

Hence no tests of significance giving exact confidence arquivisticaa or probability levels were applied. Instead all prediction equations were tested on independent data samples. Unfortunately, however, these samples were rather limited in size because of paucity of data, particularly in the form of numerical prognoses, so that the results of the prediction experiments to be described here may not be duplicated on future samples.

These results should therefore be interpreted only as tentative and approximate indications, not as conclusive or quantitative findings. Unlike machine language, which is what the computer understands, assembly language is mnemonic, so that it can be understood and remembered more easily by a human being; in fact, assembly language is really just machine language in mnemonic form.

Assembly languages are specific to a given CPU chip and are named after it e. They are harder to program than a high-level language, but they produce programs that are more efficient and run faster.


It is much cheaper to store information on tape than in the computer main memory or on a disk memory device, but it takes longer to locate a paritucular data item if it is terminnologia on tape: Magnetic disk — it consists of a series of arquivistifa paths or tracks each capable of storing data in magnetically coded form. It looks like a phonograph record and a series of disks is mounted on a vertical shaft. One or more access arms move into the disk to dicionxrio or write the data stored on it.

Disks terminologja be hard made out of aluminum or floppy made out of plastic. Disks may be permanently attached to the drive unit or they may be made up as removable disk packs. Disks may be made even more efficient by using laser beam to read and write data. A mainframe computer is a large computer system comprised of a large central processing unit, separate memory banks, multiple data-storage devices and peripherals.

It is found in computer installations which process immense amounts of data. This powerful machine has a larger repertoire of more complex instructions which can be executed more quickly.

A minicomputer is much smaller than the mainframe computer. It was developed to perform limited functions in scientific environments with less computing capacity. A microcomputer is the smallest of the three sizes of computers.

The central processor of a micro, called the microprocessor, is built as a single semiconductor device, that is, all the elements necessary to perform all the logical and arithmetic functions dicionairo manufactured as a single chip.

The microprocessor literally contains a computer on a chip that can pass through the eye of a needle. Parte 5 de 6 Batteries are a source of electrical energy. Fuses Electricity can be terminologoa if you short a battery or the supply in your house a very high current flows. Electric Circuits Electricity is a very useful type of energy. Inductor An inductor stores energy in an electromagnetic field created by changes in current through it.

Electric motors Electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy using an electric motor. Flashlights You can make a flashlight by connecting a lamp across a battery.

Dimming lights Switches are useful if you want to turn a circuit on or off. Capacitor A capacitor stores electrical energy in the form of electrostatic field. Linear Resistors Resistors are the most numerous components en electronics.

GDF — SE – 24 – Standard statistical tests of significance are not strictly applicable to meteorological prediction because the data are usually temrinologia in both space and time, and the weather regime of one period may be entirely different from arqivistica of another. Tags Ingles Tecnico engenharia Arquivos Semelhantes ingles tecnico apostila sobre ingles tecnico. Modelagem conceitual de dados abordagem entidade-relacionamento Apostila que explica de forma simples e objetiva os metodos para a modelagem E-R.