After they are shipwrecked on a mysterious island called Dinotopia, Professor Arthur Denison and his son, Will, discover an awe-inspiring new world where. Gurney’s bestselling illustrated fantasy, Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, conjured up a lost world where people and dinosaurs live in peaceful. The first sequel, Dinotopia: The World Beneath () focuses mainly on Arthur Denison’s return expedition to the World.

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A Land Apart from Time and Dinotopia: I wish James Gurney would have stuck to the way he started to write but this sequel is nonetheless amazing. Mostly I sought out this book because I heard that there was a sequel to the first one, and I love a beneayh series. Feb 23, Harris rated it liked it Shelves: His books are always wonderful to read.

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Basal synapsids are present as well; at least one Lystrosaurus and one Edaphosaurus can be found in the city of Pooktook. The series is presented as a sequel of sorts to the books: The Chicago World’s Fair. Nov 13, Peacegal rated it really liked it.

You can really lose yourself in this work. In the fashion of authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughsthe first and fourth books are written as if they were Arthur’s journalswith Gurney going so far as to explain in the introductions how he happened to come across the old, waterlogged volumes. However, it performs excellently with the space it has, and this very slight complaint is more than made up for by the strong standard that the illustrator keeps up in his works.

Vowing to escape Dinotopia and bring back an army of strutters to plunder the island, he destroys Arthur’s strutter with his sea scorpion and escapes. Mar 26, Joel K rated it liked it. When Arthur Denison explores the mysterious caverns of the World Beneath, he discovers an ancient civilization that in many ways is more advanced than our own.


As far as the graphics go, I actually think they weren’t quite to the level of the first one either. Will continues to learn as an apprentice Skybax rider while his father has grown well known for his scientific explorations and is beginning a new one back to the World Beneath.

They have only begun to adjust to this remarkable civilization before heading off on separate quests. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Riding on top of Stinktooth, Arthur chases Woorld into the sea and pulls the sunstone out of the power socket in the strutter before Lee can beneatn. Arthur, Oriana, Bix, and Lee continue to explore the caverns underneath Dinotopia where worle come across instantly germinating fern sporesuncut sunstones that appear to store ancestral memory, and mechanical limbs that twitch when the sunstone is brought near.

I couldn’t wait to read this story to the 4 year old. Gurney’s sophomore effort falls short of beneafh first owing principally to a break from the first-person narrative of a found journal that worked so well in the first book.

Eventually, they meet Lee Crabb en route at Sauropolis, who escapes from his Stygimoloch guards and steals the invitation. They are just as sentient as the other dinosaurs on the island but must be kept apart due to their instinctual need to hunt. Five Beneeath Science Fiction Novels.

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My one complaint when it first came out was dinotopix it wasn’t like the first. Another huge suspension of disbelief problem is that the book jumps the shark on the technology and world-building front.


This one got a little too strange for my taste The Timestone Pirates videogame”. During this chase, Arthur’s journal is lost to the ocean where it will be discovered by Philippine sailors and eventually make its way to the library where James Gurney discovers it. Oriana completes the group with the arrival of half of a key needs to open doors which will allow them further into that hidden land than anyone has gone in ages. Mar 20, Nicole Haan rated it it was amazing. Sign In Don’t have an account?

It was first written in the Dinotopian alphabet. The War of the Worlds.

Dinotopia – Wikipedia

However, those who love dinosaurs, sci-fi, and steampunk will really enjoy it. It’s obviously playing into the Atlantis myth of ancient but advanced technology that barely makes sense, but a book that succeeded so much on solid world-building is an odd place for it, and feels like a total misstep to me.

They all deal with the adventures of Arthur and Hte Denison to one degree or another.

A Land Apart from Time[9] the Denisons are shipwrecked near Dinotopia and, after making it ashore, are found by the people of the Hatchery. They really add to the imagination of what life would be like if humans every got to live with dinosaurs.