Diplopia by Paul Vigil – EFFECT: From the creator of Ladybug. A deck is borrowed and shuffled. The spectator and magician boththink of. DIPLOPIA $ A participant’s deck is borrowed and shuffled. This is a completely free choice. With no questions asked, the performer finds the spectator’s card. Diplopia. Written by Paul Vigil. Work of Paul Vigil. 31 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished Illustrated with photographs. Language: English.

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Any word on if PV intends to release the DD you were so taken with? If memory serves me correctly, they are asked to think of any card, they then djplopia it and it is buried. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but the last page just printed off, so I’m off to my chambers!

I really look forward to more books and products coming out of the Vanishing Inc Publishing company. Then there are the select few that look fantastic but are much simpler to master.

Once you have this great flow and story and a miracle. vugil

It morphed itself inside out or something! Red, black, red, black, red, black. So you can imagine that this works quite well- which it did- when you do it on someone who has no idea what a force is to begin with.

Diplopia by Paul Vigil

I might get this. B was going to do the magic! Not only is it great but I believe anyone can do it, and they will. Review Diplopia is truly an amazing effect. No wallet, clipboard, helmet transmitters, etc.

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This trick is a tough one for me because it’s not figil new “plot” at all at least I’m pretty sure I’ve read a few with the same premisebut obviously there is something special in the method that makes this version earn your admiration. A high rating means he has no idea. This page was created in 0. Everything is so well put together, it is what more single-effect ebooks should be like.

Diplopia (Paul Vigil)

Even though I was using my own bill, and a foreign one at that, it still rocked the house. If you are looking for a column where a guy rips into bad magic products than tries to trash the creator than this is not the column for you. Congratulations on another a- a- Oh no! I might have to bust out a TT trick next week to give him a break.

The rest of the routine is almost stupidly simple.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Review: “Diplopia” by Paul Vigil

It was just so…magical! And man, did we ever have a great weekend because of it! VcosNJ Inner circle Posts.

As a result, the reveal came across as a real kicker. Then in an instant all four pieces join together but in the wrong order leaving the spectator with a mismatched photo with their signature!


I mean this was some seriously Golden Ticket magic going on right here. Just bought Diplopia, solely on the recommendation of Jerome and the first-class reputation of Paul.


The reactions I got from Diplopia were some of the strongest I’ve ever witnessed. I downloaded Diplopia 4 days ago and I could not be more pleased! Nice alternative if somebody wants to “think of a card.

Diplopia is simply one of my favourite card palu to date. After all the praise: Hope that helps fellow workers using this fiplopia fit it into other viil they’re doing that may call for the need of a dupe or destroying a card.

Start with two decks, end with one. The last phase is by far the most shocking so really give it a pause before the reveal. Does that mean you’ve hit the big time?

A deck is borrowed and shuffled. I won’t be needing them now. Get the itricks magic reviews Ciplopia feed and stay up to date with the latest reviews. Very well put together and well written with quality pics when needed. This is a completely free choice. I then watched Paul perform it later to fry a room filled with extremely knowledgeable magicians and mentalists.

Could you possibly make a video of yourself performing it? Both concerns were completely unwarranted.