Explore Reginald Scot’s “The Discoverie of Witchcraft”, a book considered to be the first published on witchcraft, which fights against the. On such example is Reginald Scot (), who took the incredibly bold step to not only defend accused witches against the charges laid. THE DISCOVERIE v^. WITCHGRAFT. REGINALD SCOT, Esquire. BEING A REPRINT OF THE FIRST EDITION. PUBLISHED IN

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The Discoverie of Witchcraft itself is a shotgun blast against the belief in witches and against the credulous and conniving people who promote that belief. Actually, Reginald Scot is a mysticist.

He set himself to prove that the belief in witchcraft and magic was rejected by reason and by religion and that spiritualistic manifestations were wilful impostures or illusions due to mental disturbance in the observers.

To throw a piece of Money into a deep Pond, and to fetch it again from whence you list. To speak with Spirits. In other words and ignoring the offensively sexist view of womenScot notes that the witchhunters believe that witchcraft is such a dangerous and deadly crime, that the rule of law must be suspended in such cases.

So reginakd, if one part of their accusation be false, the other part deserveth no credit. It was undertaken on the recommendation of the professors, and was dedicated to the university curators and the burgomaster of Leiden.

He was meeting the supposedly pious on their own terms, and devastated them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

That is to say, he was utterly without imagination, a very dull, narrow, and ineffective little soul. He died in In like manner I say, he that attributeth to a witch, such divine power, as dulie and onelie apperteineth unto GOD which all witchmongers doo is in hart a blasphemer, an idolater, and full of grosse impietie, although he neither go nor send to hir for assistance.


To convert or transubstantiate Money into Counters, or Counters into Money. Another Witchcraft or Knavery practised by the same Chirurgion. To thrust a Dagger or Bodkin into your Guts very strangely, and to recover immediately. For as some of these melancholike persons imagine, they are witches and by witchcraft can worke woonders, and doo what they list: Although among us, we thinke them bewitched that wax suddenlie poore, and not them that growe hastilie rich; yet at Rome you shall understand, that as Plinie reporteth upon these articles one C.

Lie a wager with your confederate who must seeme simple, or obstinatelie opposed against you that standing behind a doore, you will by the sound or ringing of the monie tell him whether he cast crosse or pile: It is perhaps not surprising that a fanatic like Summers cannot comprehend such a creature.

Furthermore, Scot needed to protect himself from accusations of heresy himself, and using the Bible as justification for his arguments provided some shelter. When Scot published his book inalmost everyone believed in witchcraft or magic in some form or another.

Levitation Equivocation Misdirection Sleight of hand. If you marke the cunning ones, you shall see them speake darkelie of things to come, devising by artificiall subtiltie, doubtfull wtichcraft, easilie to be applied to everie thing, time, prince, and nation: Then shew the same to the beholders, willing them to remember it: March 17, at 7: As once the craft to be proven non-existent, acquits all who are accused of witchcraft that time.

Scot believed that the prosecution of those accused of witchcraft was irrational and un- Christianand he held the Roman Church responsible. To the extent possible under law, the Text Creation Partnership has sfot all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above, according to the terms of the CC0 1.


The Discoverie of Witchcraft

To thrust a bodkin into your head without hurt. Reginald Scot was born into a noble family with a long lineage and an estate in Brabourne, Kent, where he spent most of his life. Another Charm or Witchcraft for the same. If all faile, he will rather thinke he came an houre too late; than that he went a regimald too far. In this libell you dooe see is conteined all that witches are charged with; and all that also, which anie witchmoonger surmiseth, or in malice imputeth unto witches power and practise.

Reginald Scot, by the way, looked like he was trained in Kabbalistic teachings and ceremonial evocation.

On a more serious note, Scot takes time to address the claims of discovetie people who truly believe that they are witches and have supernatural powers.

If more ridiculous or abhominable crimes could have beene invented, these poore women whose cheefe fault is that they are scolds should have beene charged with them.

Make a bodkin the blade thereof being sundred in the middle, so as the one part be not neere to the other almost by three quarters of an inch, each part being kept a sunder with one small bought or crooked piece of iron, of the fashion described hereafter in place convenient.

It was written by Montague Summersthe most knowledgeable scholar on the history of witchcraft of his time. The chapter on magic tricks in Scot’s Discoverie was later plagiarised heavily; it was the basis of The Art of Juggling by S. September 23, at February 24, regimald October 16, at 2: A Charm against Vinegar.