“Dragons of Despair” is the first adventure in the “Dragonlance” adventure path, and the first part of the “Tales of Autumn Twilight” story arc. The adventure is. DL1 – Dragons of Despair. Submitted by: Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Last modified: Author: Tim. Version: With Dragons of Despair, TSR launched the Dragonlance property, and we moved into a new era of D&D. It’s really hard to understate how.

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In January and February there were small teaser advertisements—each less than a quarter page—in Dragon magazine, simply showing the Dragonlance logo and the text “coming soon”.

One of the things it got absolutely right was the trilogy of accompanying novels.

DL1 – Dragons of Despair

Tracy Hickman had already made a name for himself as a designer of interesting dungeons, and Drwgons Tsaroth is no exception: Part of what makes Dragons of Despair and the entire Dragonlance series so memorable is the sheer amount of invention here.

Yes, the players have to perform certain actions, but Dragons of Despair tries other tactics rather than just telling the players where to go.

DL1 – Dragons of Despair. Are you telling the same story in both? Dragonlance got a lot of things wrong, as is to be expected of any ground-breaking product, but it got a lot of things right as well. How do you rate this content?: Keep on the Borderlands NWN2 edition. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Dragons of Despair drops the characters into an unfamiliar world and then expects them to work out what to do, with a few hints that there is a lot of interest in a Blue Crystal Staff. Characters must choose a role.

Tracy Hickman is the designer of this adventure and the entire Dragonlance series was his idea although aided by many other TSR staff along the way. This module corresponds to the events told in the first half of the novel Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Dark Avenger Chapter 1. I think what makes this setting very unique is that it is much like Faerun, except that there are no gods left.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The villainous hobgoblin lord Fewmaster Toede also makes his first appearance. See more in readme file. Heroes of the Lance is a video game based on Dragons of Despair released in Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Search form Search this site.

Dragons of Despair – Wikipedia

The module has a lot of new features; It has multiple henchmen support up to six henchmenenhanced AI, response to spoken commands, a new random treasure system, henchmen inventory control and henchmen level up system with xp. It is a horizontally scrolling fighting game that represents the events of the module. Dragonlance Campaign Setting Supplement. AdvAb Journey to Whitehawk Mountain. Do you have what it takes to lead the Heroes of the Lance to the depths of the sunken city of Xak-Tsaroth and bring back the power of true gods to the surface of Krynn?

Tales of Arterra – The Lost. One thing Dragonlance did was really display what a talented team of artists could do. The module features cover art by Clyde Caldwell and interior artwork by Jeff Easley. The module also includes — of all things — a song!


Review of DL1: Dragons of Despair

In the jungle-covered subterranean ruins of Xak Tsaroth the player characters search for knowledge of the ancient gods of good, and first encounter the invading draconians. There was a very clear desire to distance the adventure from the influences of Tolkien. Back home, they discover that numerous groups — including a strange group of reptile men — are seeking the Blue Crystal Staff.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Furthermore it is prepared for moving your henchmen to DL2. This is done through a magnificent eight-stanza poem, the Canticle of the Dragon, most likely written by Michael Williams who was working as an editor at TSR at the time, and, indeed, edited this adventure.

Reviews from R’lyeh: DL1 Dragons of Despair

DL1 – Dragons of Despair v4. Archer, Peter; et al.

Taylor, Giordon February The first time I ran the adventure, with players who had read the books, they listened to his advice and went straight there, completely bypassing the initial stages of the adventure. There are a number of clues pointing the characters towards Xak Tsaroth, from which the Blue Crystal Staff came, but my experience running it is that the players are quite lost at the beginning.