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TRANSITION FROM DEVELOPMENT TO PRODUCTION. (Includes Change 1 Dated 13 Feb 89). SEPTEMBER Assistant Secretary of Defense Acquisition. This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD. Development to Production,” January 19, It. DOR M. Directive provides. , “Transition from. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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This learning enables improved process design. A method for transforming customer wants and needs into quantitative, engineering terms. It is common practice to emphasize the technical aspects of improvement-new machine tools, computers-with less em- phasis on the people and their role in the process. The Army’s program that rewards quality improvement by decreasing surveillance.

A conceptual map that provides sod means for cross-functional planning and communications.

Integrated Product and Process Development Bibliography

Wadsworth, Stephens and Godfrey. Additional Information 77 Presents a list of suggested readings. This expertise is available without the need to work through a lengthy contracting process. Improving quality and productivity to achieve competitiveness re-emphasizes the need for an enterprise to capture the potential inherent in their workforce by enabling each employee to 4245.-7m his or her job right the first time.

Various names have been given to the team approach like simultane- ous engineering and concurrent design. Execute agreements with key subcontractors. Process, rather than functional orientation 9.


They are representative of the tools that are used to improve any process and are presented in this section to provide an awareness of what they are, why they are used and how to use them. However, variations in parameters do contribute to higher costs of quality and lower reliability. Two major problems are program uncertainties and cost-based profit policies. This matrix or one of your own can be used to assess the progress of your organization fod implementing TQM.


Rewards are both extrinsic salary, bonuses, and work 4245.-7m and intrinsic meaningful work, responsibility for outcomes, and feedback on the results of work activities. For example, most people know that personal fitness can be maintained by proper earing habits and exercise, but they cannot maintain the discipline required for well-being in their daily lives even though their lives are at stake. The Product Nonconformance Reduction policy dov costs and delaysincurred from rejecting contractor products by setting objectives for contractors to reduce or eliminate nonconformance and promote continuous quality improvement.

Integrated Product and Process Development Bibliography

To improve the ability of the Department of Defense to obtain quality weapon systems at reasonable cost and to integrate the various efforts of DoD components into a consistent contractor quality improvement approach. Managers and personnel at all levels must take responsibility for the quality of their efforts. If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Develop alternate solutions with associated rod that meet required functions.

Case studies allow the student to analyze and provide solutions to current problems facing DoD and industry program managers. Non-production activities benefit from quality improvement just as production ac- tivities benefit. For example, one evaluation of the “before” and “after” levels of customer satisfaction following an do effort might include the numbers of customer com- plaints. To promote innovative and cost-effective 445.7-m strategies and requirements that will result in the most efficient utilization of resources to produce quality weapons systems and products.


Selected guest lecturers from government, the defense industry, and commercial industry discuss TQM applications and problems unique to the Dpd. Examples of cost factors are: The manufacturing oriented definition of quality, “conformance to requirements,” only 4245.7-j to user satisfaction when there is alignment between user expectations and user requirements.

Availability of time and resources for TQM Group activities are an effective way to tap the human resource to achieve quality improvement. Statistical process control may evolve into variability reduction. It helps you to establish priorities and targets leading to competitive advantage in the marketplace. Management must provide the leadership to: List all elements of interest.

Quality products and services result vod processes that meet user requirements. A bar chart in which the bars are arranged in descending order, with the largest to the left Each bar represents a problem cause. Management must demonstrate by their actions that quality is extremely important and support employee involvement in quality improvement efforts.

Supporting salary and reward system 7.

Common causes are random in nature, often minor. Concurrent Engineering defines the product, its manufacturing process, and other required life-cycle processes such as maintenance. This requires that top management demonstrate to all employees that they are personally committed and continuously pursue efforts to ever-improve quality. They should reflect strategic choices about the critical processes in which success is essen- tial to organizational survival.