Dorota Dobija, Kozminski University, Department of Accounting, Faculty Member. Studies Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, and Capital Markets. Information card. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Department of Accounting. Contact. [email protected] Wyświetl profil użytkownika Dorota Dobija na LinkedIn, największej sieci zawodowej na świecie. Dorota Dobija ma 4 pozycje w swoim profilu. Zobacz pełny.

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Poland already has experience in the preparation of an additional report, which is aimed at providing more information to all stakeholders. The knowledge-based economy in transition countries: Developments of Corporate Governance in Poland.

Dorota Dobija

The experience of the auditors Co-authored with Karol Klimczak Journal Name: Our results indicate that investors in Poland react more positively if systems are acquired from global rather than local vendors.

Double Degree programs at Kozminski University. Traditional financial statements do not present IC information sufficiently, In the first stage of its development —auditing in the East India Company was characterized by ex ante verification of transactions before money could be disbursed from its coffers.

CV History of scientific positions: At the same time, the analysts perceive information about IC relevant for their job, and point out that the current credit risk assessment procedures do not allow for the use of such information.

Early Evolution of Corporate Control and Auditing: Separation of ownership from control in those organizations provided an impetus for the rise of auditing and auditors.

Managing and Reporting Intellectual Capital more. Announcements about completed projects are more positively received than announcements about planned or in-progress projects. Program in Management delivered fully in English read more. We established that transaction-based lending, as conducted by banks, is characterised by the use of dorotx financial indicators with limited use of IC information.


Faculty :: Kozminski University

Additionally my expertise relates to management of public sector organisations with the special attention to performance management systems in the higher education institutions.

Inwestowanie i kredytowanie more. Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne Publication Date: The first one is to what extent the Polish extended audit report contributes to the reduction of the expectation and information gaps, and the second question is about the possibilities of improvements of the audit report in general.

Master of Business Administration 3 98 Publication Date: Presently, I focus my attention to research on performance and evaluation in higher education, in particular I analyse how external e. Furthermore, announcements in Polish, targeted at existing shareholders, are more likely to be received positively than similar announcements released in English, targeting global investors.

Information technology investment announcements and market value in transition economies: By means of a questionnaire survey, this paper ascertains and analyses the use of intellectual capital IC concepts in the process of credit risk assessment.

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Perspektywa historyczna i stan obecny in: Implications for Accounting in: A comparative study of Poland and Nordic countries Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach Publication Date: This paper seeks a historical perspective on the emergence and development of various governance mechanisms in the EIC. Scientific Activities National projects: Get a German bachelor diploma or a Master degree from one of our prestigious partners in France or the United Kingdom.

However there is is no improvement in the value relevance of earnings over time.

The secondary purpose is to establish how these firms use this information in their financing decisions. Add Social Dprota Facebook, Twitter, etc. Auditors acknowledge the usefulness of the extended audit report to report on additional issues and concerns but, at the same time, the standard form of the extended audit report as prescribed in the Polish Auditing Standards is found to have little information value to its users.


Sennikova Irina Participation in conferences: Deterministyczna premia za ryzyko?

We use survey data in the case of banks and structured interviews in the case of venture capital to document differences in the use of information about IC by two types of financial intermediaries. Evolution and Design for Efficiency Publication Date: Towards Balanced DevelopmentDobija M. Value-relevance tests show returns are correlated with vorota earnings throughout this period. When market exists then the exchange value is present and the measurement is possible.

Value relevance and xobija development of accounting regulation and market institutions in a transition economy: The period of the analysis relates to the first twenty-one years dobijaa the EIC, from the first rules written in the Charter of Incorporation to the time when the Standing Orders of the EIC were published.

dblp: Dorota Dobija

Business historians have documented that the development of various organizational forms was a result of the constant struggle to write more and more efficient contracts between firms’ participants.

The analysis shows, that the use of non-financial information is limited. The existing body of literature on audit committees focuses on the effectiveness of audit committees in the outsider model of corporate governance. Insight from Warsaw Stock Exchange more. This paper outlines the evolution of the information environment of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in