Followers of John McPhee, perhaps the most revered nonfiction narrative journalist of our time, will luxuriate in the shipshape prose of “Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process,” a collection of eight essays that first appeared in The New Yorker, his home for more than 50 years. l'”l SUBJECT: Comments: Draft Three Rivers Resource Management B”t”$Y”§l'”” Olnee Plan, Proj. No. on aoa—o rc Highway 20 w. ““’°s’ 0′. Reset button now works on webforms after a draft was loaded · Container element’s children are no longer appended to rendered array.

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Since JavaScript scripts are steps, you can use them alongside other action blocks within the same action. While you can certainly still recognize the app, Drafts 4 has brought significant user interface changes.

You can can then add that copied string into the uuid parameter on one of the new URL actions and that draft will be targeted each time you run the action. All of the MultiMarkdown elements are highlighted in one way or another, and it makes for a huge visual improvement in the app:.

This means that it is no longer necessary to create a new draft every time you run an action, you can cr14 call up an existing draft and run actions on it. If you have any actions which you run using the same text every time, such dratf a canned text or email, this new scheme will let you use these actions without cluttering up your inbox.

Steps are small actions which generally only perform a single task, and you can combine as many steps as you want within any given action to create useful, rf14 workflows. This is a feature which has long been included in another Agile Tortoise app, Phraseology.


The app has lived in my dock since I first picked it up, it’s the single most important app I use on the platform, and it’s the only paid app I mandate to anyone looking for must-have apps on iOS.

One of my favorite features of Drafts 4 is the Web Capture share extension.

Drafts 4 Review

Using the Markdown syntax highlighting, you’ll visually see where links are being used. Text keys, unsurprisingly, just place text in your draft wherever the cursor is. There are several different types of keys to choose from: When you’re ready to take action on a draft, a simple swipe gives you access to actions and automation that turn this simple editor into one of the most complex apps in the draftt ecosystem.

I should not have been worried. There are options for the current and default syntaxes.

It breaks your draft up at newlines and makes each paragraph its own draggable section in the interface. Alex has been writing for MacStories since After a while of using UlyssesI’ve grown to really enjoy the ability to use syntax highlighting.

In this initial release, there drfat five language types available for syntax highlighting:. Before Drafts 4, all of the buttons in the main interface were spread across the bottom row, which I always thought left the space above feeling oddly empty.

The bottom left of the editor window also includes some useful functions. Tapping it will bring up a details view for the draft currently open in the editor. New in Drafts 5 is Cr14 mode, which is activated by tapping on the eye icon in the bottom toolbar of the editor. And because these options exist, it enables each draft to become its own type of document.

JavaScript steps in Drafts actions opens a whole new realm of automation possibilities, and it will only get more powerful over time, as Greg Pierce the Drafts developer has promised to build the feature out and add more functionality.


Drafts has many customizations for the editor. Arrange is a simple feature, but definitely useful. Not only does this provide flexibility to drastically change the syntax language for each type, but each individual draft is able to have a unique syntax flavor — fonts, font size, line height, paragraph spacing, and margin can all be changed on a per-draft basis.

Drafts 5: The MacStories Review – MacStories

Since I imagine a lot of MacStories readers will be interested in this feature, I put together a super simple action which will copy the UUID of whatever draft is open to the clipboard.

In the future, I’m hoping that more syntax languages are supported, and that ec14 will be a nice way to change the colors of the syntaxes to permit more customization. You could use the Drafts share extension for much simpler things too, such as just saving an interesting quote you read online for later.

It saves me time every day, and I particularly like the ability to select text in a webpage and have the selection placed into the draft without needing to copy and paste. One of the ancillary benefits of this mode is how it can aid in the processing of drafts: During the course of writing this review, there have been several times I’ve wanted to recall something I previously wrote, and having the version history saved has been a godsend.

The action log provides several types of usable dtaft