The draftwatermark package implements a few simple commands for adding watermarks to LaTeX documentclass options illustrated Abstract. The draftwatermark package extends LATEX providing a means to add a textual. (usually light gray, but possibly colored) watermark. To do this use the package draftwatermark in the LaTeX document from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage.

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Dear Tom, Today i have tried these code: You probably just have to make sure you get the number of curly brackets right.

Watermarks: Draft, Review, Approved, Confidential – texblog

November at 2: Published May 5, October 14, This is pdfTeX, Version 3. View all posts by Ashwin. Hi Sarvesh, You probably drzftcopy have to make sure you get the number of curly brackets right. Also, you might want to change tempdimb and tempdimc to properly position the image. Lafex help me to short out the above mention problems.

Hi Raul, Thanks for your command and the minimum working example. A random blog about everything, mostly programming. September at See here for more details. The draftwatermark package uses the everypage package to insert the watermark in every page, so that package might have to be installed too.


In the preamble, include the line: To set a different lightness use:. Hi LN, Thanks for your question. The draftwatermark package documentation would be one way to add watermarks.

It is possible to start the watermark after a certain page using the draftcopy package. By default, the watermark is added to all pages.

August at Hi Thanatos, Thanks for that question. Even then it is writing only those lines in another new page and remaining in another page 3rd. About Me Filox View my complete profile. To insert on only the first page use:. If you need anything more sophisticated than that, you will have to do something in the line of what I described here.

Daily rant: How to insert watermark in LaTeX

If i want to change the lightness of the image in the watermark how am i supposed to do that. For those that like to do it the hard way like me: Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.


Just drafhcopy if you need help with the code. However the size of the writing is quite small and I would like to make it much bigger. Thank you for your posts. Learn how your comment data is processed.

How to add draft watermark in LaTeX

Type H for immediate help. However, fraftcopy xwatermark has some incompatibilities with scrpage2 as noted by speravir in his answer to this question. How should I change the above code?

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Thanks for your request. The image s are the company’s headed paper, and I an using newlfm to create the letters.

Also you seem to reference a table that has either no label or the spelling is different warning. But can anyone suggest how to change the font? Here is some sample code to play with: Hope to see more innovative codes in the future!!!

The color is modified through the following command: