1 DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW FINAL DRAFT OF PLEADING, DRAFTING AND CONVEYANCE AMENDMENT OF. CONTENTS DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING – General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Rules CIVIL – Plaint – Written Statements. DRAFTING, PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING Course Teacher: Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai Introduction: By the art of legal drafting (also commonly called the legal.

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The petitioner asserts that he was not bound by the contents of the said letter. Help Center Find new research papers in: An index in duplicate containing the details of the documents to be relied on is enclosed as A For that it is an abuse of the process granted to the Executive under the Preventive Detention Act……….

S Facta probanda are not facts in issue, but they are relevant in that at the trial their proof convyeancing establish the existence of facts in issue. In case the affidavit is a counter-affidavit or rejoinder affidavit, the paragraph just after the first disclosing capacity of the deponent, shall state that he has read the Affidavit pleaving his adversary or that he same has been read over and explained to him, and that he has fully understood the contents thereof, and then the facts should be stated how he regards the truth or contents of each paragraph in sequence of his adversary’s affidavit.

Normally, amendments are allowed in the pleadings to avoid multiplicity of litigations. The pleading must bear the signature or thumb pleadlng or any other identification dgafting of the party concerned. That the petitioner went to the respondent at her parent’s house at……….

The Respondent levies a toll of Rs ………. Those facts shall consist of such particulars as are necessary to state to obtain “the relied in the suit.

Verify also whether the claim is barred under principles of res judicata.

It should be briefly iescribed to ensure that nothing irrelevant is unclouded. That the respondent NO.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

That the aforesaid enquiry was illegal and ultra vires. That enquiry into the said charges was made by respondent No. The reason behind this exercise is S for speedy disposal of cases of various types. With the passage of time, judicial system underwent a change.

Order VI Rule 15, states every pleading shall be verified at the foot by the by any of the parties pleading or by some other person proved to the satisfaction of the court to ainted with the facts of the case. For that similarly the use of the use of the said Act for a the detention of the petitioner in respect of the alleged activities of the petitioner as mentioned on sub-paragraphs i and iii of para 3 above is mala fide. That the present environment on which the said minor is being brought up is not conducive to his M proper education and development of good character.


Anyway such pronouns when used should clearly denote the person or the thing to whom such pronouns refer. The decree-holder is required conveyancibg state the details as number of The suit, names of e parties, the date of decree, etc, in his executions application, and if upon scrutiny, it appears that any of this detail is missing in the application; the court may give an opportunity to the decree-holder to remedy the effect.

It is better to use the word “plaintiff’ andd “defendant”. It is necessary for the parties to know each K other’s stand, what facts are admitted and what denied, so that at the trial they are prepared to meet them. Draftinb a suit for money, particular of the account by which the amount claimed has been arrived at should be given.

Of course, the lawyer must weigh each fact and test its significance and relevance in relation to the given case. The order consists of rules and is the longest of all he order of the code. It is material to allege the U existence of a long established family or caste custom governing the parties to the marriage which permitted or sanctioned such a marriage. When the declarant in any Affidavit speaks to any fact within his dtafting, he must do so directly and positively and in the first person.

That the learned judge erred in holding, That the learned judge erred in the evidence of the appellant defendant and his witnesses. However, there are conditions which the law requires that they must be satisfied. That at the time of the alienation, no particular benefit would have arisen to the family nor was the honour of the family at stake should be stated.

That on the grounds and for the reasons stated below, it is appropriate that the present suit be tried at.

Thus the pleadings save the parties much bother, expense ajd trouble of adducing evidence in support of matters already admitted by a party, and they can xrafting their evidence to the issue framed by the Court in the light of the facts alleged by one party and denied by the other. The moment the goods are accepted to be carried to a particular destination and the receipt is issued, there is an implied contract, and the receipt for the goods is an evidence of the contract.


Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing

Leave to amend will be refused if anf introduces a totally different, new and inconsistent case or changes the fundamental character of the suit or defence. The king and his courtiers kept on what may be called a mental record of the proceedings.

The question as to the execution of decree shall arise only when the person against whom the decree has been passed, does not comply with it. Mode in which the assistance of the court is conveyancinh it is humbly prayed by the decree holder That the total amount of Rs ……………… Along with interest ……………… M Till the full realization along with the cost Of the suit and the cost of taking out this Execution, be realized by attachment and sale of defendant’s Immovable property and Bank accounts pleaidng at the foot of this application and paid to decree holder.

These should be distinctly and concisely stated. The person verifying shall specify, by reference to the numbered paragraphs of the pleading what he verifies of his own knowledge and what he verified upon on received and believed to be true.

The conferment of revisional jurisdiction i generally for the purpose of keeping tribunals subordinate to the revising tribunal within the bounds 0 their authority to make them act according to law and according to well defined principles of justice.

But the case is different when the defendant is a pardah nashin lady. Neal the original action was simply for slander, and the plaintiff was non-suited. It is also not necessary to state that the defendant executed the bond ‘of his own free will, and without any force or fraud because the burden of proving any fact invalidating the bond lies upon the defendant.

Section 3 2 of the oath Act provides; Without prejudice to the powers conferred by sub-sec.