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The collapse of communism and breakup of the former Yugoslavia during the s set the stage for nationalist agitators in successor states. Due to negative experiences with Catholic Church in past especially during World War IIsome Serbs are prone to accept more or less crackpot conspiracy theories that include Vatican and the Pope.

His uncle explained to him that the pottery dated back to before the Roman era. Stunned little Jovan asked “But how it is possible, if we Serbs migrated here in 7th century?

He claims that he dr.jovn at the Belgrade Faculty of Sciences, then left Yugoslavia in and went to France. Finally, he claims he is a member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Science in Saint Petersburg, Russia note that this academy was established in He explains that modern accepted history is the product xr.jovan a Vatican-Austrian conspiracy to force Serbs to abandon the process of national liberation and unification, making it easier for Catholicism and Austria to spread further to East.


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Some ideologies espoused by the movement include euroscepticismcounter-globalisationsocial conservatismand aligning Serbia with a proposed Eurasian Union. They won only 0.

As it seems that there were in fact three million or veretic actual votes cast, the actual supporters number far less. War Graf Dracula Serbe?

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