The DuKane underwater acoustic beacon is designed to generate a kHz signal that radiates underwater to a distance of about 2 miles. Works to a depth of . Find great deals for Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dukane DK Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dukane DK Technical Manual.

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Section v, Maintenance dk100/dk130, General – Dukane DK120 User Manual

Position mounting kit carefully to avoidinterferencewith other structures. The beacon must be taken out of service according to the expiration date printed on the beacon case and returned to the factory for service.

Lay out four holes as shown in Figure Remove shock cushion from battery end of beacon if not rk120 with cover. Clean the beacon exterior of excess O-ring grease.

Safety Data Sheets & Service Bulletins – Dukane Seacom – A HEICO Company

When the beacon is installed on the aircraft, the recommended schedule for beacon cleaning and testing is every 24 months, when the beacon is installed on a recorder and the recorder is installed in accordance with its TSO. The sea state, nearby boats, marine animals, gas or oil lines, and other factors contributing to the ambient noise level will affect the range at which the beacon can be detected.

Connect test leads as shown in Figure 22 and check for current leakage between battery and beacon body. When long term storage of a beacon is required, the beacon should be stored in the original shipping container or equivalent. Slip the retainer straps of the mounting kit over the ends of the beacon.


In addition, the customer will be notified that an analysis fee applies. A clean switch will allow moisture to collect into droplets and run off the switch, without activating the beacon. Test the beacon as outlined in Section IV toinsure operation prior to installation.

The water switch is part of a triggering circuit, which when actuated will initiate normal pulsing of the beacon circuit.

Search operations in water for beacon equipped aircraft can be conducted by utilizing a portable receiver 1. If in doubt,wipe clean with mild detergentC. If vertical mounting is employed, mount switch down to reduce accumulation of grease, dirt, and water on the switch end of the beacon. In the case of a failure which is determined to be within the Warranty terms Section VIIthe beacon will be replaced by Dukane Corporation at the sole discretion of Dukane Corporation.

Surface to 20, feet meters Pulse Length Replace the battery replacement date label on the outside of the beacon case with the new label supplied dukahe the battery.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? If in doubt, wipe clean with mild detergent C. Not less than 0. Purchase Order if required for Beacon Replacement. Install a flat washer and nut on each end of theretainer straps. Ifvertical mounting is employed, the switch endshould be facing downwards to reduce theaccumulation of grease dk1200 dirt on the switchend.

The water switch is part of a triggeringcircuit, which when actuated will initiate normalpulsing of the beacon circuit. Model N30A29 Series Mounting Kit Cradle Type is an aluminum extrusion with a screw-attached securing plate that provides rugged mounting and protection of the beacon within the aircraft.


Dulane beacon is operable at the given minimum acceptable voltage. The output voltage of the oscillator is coupled to the Piezo- ceramic transducer ring. The area selected for the beacon mounting should be free of the possibility of heavy equipment tearing loose and striking the device.

When a beacon is returned to the customer after warranty service, the remainder of the original warranty will be applied to dujane returned beacon. The required schedule for battery replacement, available only at Dukane Corporation is every six years. Serial Number of the beacon s. Return Authorization Number See 9. Rotate the beacon in the mount, so that the markings and beacon replacement date label can be read.

Make sure that the beacon dikane is clean and dry prior to testing. Use a high impedance voltmeter input impedance of 10 Duoane ohms not required when usingTS or TS Test Set to perform the following procedure: Thebeacon should be mounted horizontally with theswitch end forward, if possible.

This will affect battery life. It can be detected at a range of to yards to meters with N30A5 series of Locator.

Replace the cover and tighten it until the cover flange contacts the body or leaves less than a 0. Apply a thin coating of O-ring lubricant to O-ring, O-ring groove and threads. If in doubt, wipe clean using mild detergent and a soft cloth.