DUMB AND DUMBERER. When Harry Met Lloyd. Based on characters created by. Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly. & Bennet Yellin. Screenplay by. Read, review and discuss the entire Dumb & Dumber movie script by Unknown on Writer: Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin Starring: Jim Carrey as Lloyd Jeff Daniels as Harry Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson. Grade: A-. “Dumb and.

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Rumb restless spirit will probably haunt me for the next seventy-five years. In the scene where Harry and Lloyd skip out on their diner tab, Harry asks Lloyd where he learned that trick, and Lloyd responds that he had seen it in a movie once.

Get off the pho She takes a mug, sips, and pulls back.

Dumb & Dumber () Movie Script | SS

That’s exactly what you should do. We don’t have enough money to get home! Harry holds onto the chair’s frame nervously.

We killed their bird, now they killed ours. Harry throws up his arms, defeated. There must’ve been a name on it, right? Because no studio wanted to make a movie called Dumb and Dumberthe Farrellys changed the name of the script to Go West and then A Power Tool is Not a Toyjust to get studio execs to read it. This isn’t my real job, you know.


Harry drops his head and lets out a MOAN. This is our big chance, man.

Please accept my most sincere apology. God, it feels so good to get up here. The guys don’t slow down, through.

Now, we’ve been friends forever Anything else before I leave the area? DALE We’re wasting time.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Harry looks on the verge of blacking out. I don’t think I could Hey, Harry, old buddy, old pal!

I believe in miracles, baby Since you came along, you sexy thing You sexy thing, you I believe in miracles, baby Since you came along – You sexy thing – You sexy thing, you I mean, who knows, when you get to know her, you may find out she’s not your type. No, this place is ugly, anyway. Tell her I’m good-looking and I’m rich and I have a rapist’s wit.

Dumb & Dumber Movie Script

So the guy tricks some sucker into picking up his tab, then gets away with it scot-free? Harry, why haven’t you dropped those dogs off at the show yet? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Icelandic snow owl. This girl makes me feel it all in the heart.


They say on any day of the week you can smell a moose-fart ten miles away. What are my chances? Harry, are you in there? MARY What about my husband? They’re rubbing it right in our faces.

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Movie Script

She actually talked to me, man. I’m sick and tired of being a nobody.

I desperately want to make love to a schoolboy. You weren’t kidding, Lloyd.

Pushing her way through the mass of cops comes the Athletic Beauty. Harry checks his rear-view mirror nervously. You gonna eat that?