Eagle Electronics Installation and Operation Instructions Fish-finding Sonars & Mapping GPS FishElite , SeaCharter DF. FishElite Fish Finder pdf. Eagle FishElite Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual. Fish Finder pdf manual download. Also for: Seafinder See for Eagle Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual pages.

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Enter text from picture: To set Com Port Configuration: Set A Waypoint Sonar Features menu with Fish I. At left is the full map option. Use the Zoom keys and arrow keys to move the map and cursor untilthe cursor is centered on the spot where you want your route to begin.

EAGLE ® FishElite 480 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter

Write the Return Authorization RA number on the outside of the box underneath your return address. Hulls with Floatation Materials Side view shown at left and seen from above at right. Navigation Page This also gives you an indicator of the fix quality the unit currently has. Loading to unit memory: Reassemble the transducer and bracket and place them against the transom.

The mile zoom figure at left clearly shows the dotted course lineconnecting your current position to your destination. The unit will continue recording the trailuntil the length reaches the maximum trail point setting default is2, but the unit can record trails 9, points long.


The smaller the position error number, the better and more accurate the fix is.

If you’re looking by name, there are two options: In the sonar unit, manual mode allows you to set sensitivity at percent maximum or zero percent minimum. The waypoint is saved andautomatically given a name with a sequential number, such as “waypoint You can replay this sonar log in the unit using the Sonar Simulator function, or play it back on a per- sonal c.

Set Keel Offset After installation, be sure to seal the hole with the same marine grade above- or below-waterline sealant used for the mounting screws.

Eagle Electronics FishElite User Manual

Sounds And Alarm Sound Styles Menu Commands A menu command or a menu option will appear 40 small capital letters, in a bold sans serif type like this: UtilitiesUtilities are useful tools for traveling or for outdoor activities. It’s a great safety net while you’re learning and experimenting with various settings.

An example is displayed at right. How this manual can get you out on the road, fast! Page 20 Notes12 Page 21 Section 2: Head for your fishing grounds.

Pages Menu showing some Sonar display options at left, dual-frequency menu; at right, single-frequency menu. The first is the FishAlarm.


When adding waypoints to a route, the inserted waypoints will appear in the route in front of the waypoint you have selected. From the Map or Sonar page, press 2. Pressing ZIN once doubles the size 2X of all echoes on the screen. Adjusting sensitivity in Auto Sensitivity Mode is similar to manually ad- justing a car’s speed with the accelerator pedal while cruise control is on.


Downloads for FishElite | Eagle

The outer edges of this white corridor represent lines that show the current cross track error range. Looking at the transducer from the side, check to see if it will adjust so that its face is parallel to the ground.

Speed ground speed is the velocity you are making over the ground. In FishReveal mode, the weakest echoes are white and the strongestechoes eagld black.

When you zoom in to a sufficiently small zoom range, the icon itself becomes an animated arrow showing tidal current velocity and direction forthe selected tidal station at the present time. These boatstypically have large outboard motors capable of ,anual the boatat speeds faster than 35 mph. Grayline To change the frequency setting to 50 kHz: The fishelte is organized into 10 sections. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. We recommend that you do not enter a city name unless the list youare given is too large when searching without it.

Another quick way to stop recording one trail and begin a new oneis to use the New Trail command: No computer work required!