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The Esetiri are a magical and artistic people.

Most are opportunists, many are criminals, and thus, very few are of lawful alignment. As night must follow day, soon the great god Set made plans for a race of his own. The history and race sections in particular just drip flavor, and make for great reading.

His increasing neglect of state duties and concerns led to growing discontent among the people, particularly the nomarchs and advisors of his court. Add to watch list. All of the following are class features of the haminaptra.

Was the child a threat to him? He claimed it granted him visions and wisdom from the gods. They reach adulthood by the age of 15, and almost all are dead by 70, with women usually outliving the men. More chances to get what you want Feedback on our suggestions – More chances to get what you want.

At this time, the wildwalker gains a bonus feat based on his chosen combat style: The Pharaoh proved an able ruler, save for his one particular blind spot, which made it that much harder for the temple priests to turn public opinion against him.


Most khasti are chaotic, geyptian some are neutral, and they are split evenly among good, neutral and evil alignments. Michael Bond – the advnetures behind Paddington Bear “All the same The wildwalker ahmunaptra not need to meet the normal prerequisites for haminaptra feat. But Geb and Nut fell in love, and disobeyed the will of Ra.

I’ve seen the previews at Green Ronin’s website but want more than that. This feat is useful in the desert, or in other sandy environments.

Despite my uncertainty at exactly how mythic this Mythic Vista is I am really pleased with Hamunaptra. Finally, one night, Hemaka slipped over the edge into madness. Otherwise, if the bahati strikes successfully and the target takes damage from the blow, the cobra strike attack succeeds. In the north, where their creator is the current god of favor with Pharaoh, they are treated like nobility, even when hamunzptra have no such claim.

Egyptian Adventures Hamunaptra box NEW SW d20 D&D Mythic Vistas Green Ronin rpg | eBay

Hamumaptra Ship Orders Internationally. Despite their underhanded means of achieving power, the Sorcerer Kings as they became known proved capable and wise rulers. Some see the bahati as aloof, but they understand the value of cooperation well. When using Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot or Survival in a wilderness setting, the wildwalker can take 10 even when distracted or under stress. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License.


The Esetiri speak their own language — a beautiful and lilting tongue, full of magic and wonder — but they have a natural aptitude for languages of all kinds. Any penalties she may have already incurred, however, remain in place. While in this trance, the bahati is unaware of the passage of time and her aging is suspended.

Mentu-heru led his troops to victory over a stunned and unprepared Upper Khemtian empire. After generations of relative peace in Upper Khemti, a movement began among the devout followers of the cult of Set. THere’s nothing amazingly revolutionary about it, but I did find it enjoyable and a great read.

Eventually, a palace coup sought to displace Sitra.

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

Somewhat to his surprise, his prayers were answered. A lonely toy bear on an eggyptian shop shelf on Christmas Eve in first captured the attention of Michael Bond, who kindly shared Paddington with the world.

Some believe it was because he considered such things too valuable or dangerous to egyptjan into other hands. In addition, Medium armor does not reduce your speed. Buy it now – Add to Watch list Added to your Watch list. The shenu tradition varies greatly from race to race, however, and the shenu of a tribe of Red Land Anpur may have seemingly little in common with a Sutekhra counselor in the court egyprian Pharaoh.