Eknath Easwaran (December 17, – October 26, ) was an Indian-born spiritual Easwaran’s translations of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Dhammapada (see article) have been critically acclaimed. Religion scholar. Essence of the Upanishads is a translation and commentary on the Katha Upanishad, an ancient Indian scripture. Written by Eknath Easwaran, the book was. Easwaran’s best-selling translation of the ancient wisdom texts called the Upanishads is reliable, readable, and the Upanishads, illumined sages.

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Personally I feel the subject tries too hard to convince the reader of the potential to avoid death by trying to be one with divinity. Psycho-Spiritual and Health Effects”.

A bonus is the sparkling page introduction to the Buddha’s life and teachings that precedes the translation. Dec 22, J.

RadhakrishnanThe Principal Upanishadsp. Blue Mountain Center of Meditation Amazon. Shreya, on the other hand, has no reference to pleasing or displeasing. Meanwhile in a few short months he lost two people passionately dear to him: This book includes an overview of the cultural and historical setting, with chapter introductions, notes, and a Sanskrit glossary.

His book Mantram Handbook: Die Essenz der Upanischaden: Jesse rated it it was amazing Jul 30, These audio cassettes kpanishads Easwaran One of the single best analyses of Indian thought and scripture.

The Upanishads : Eknath Easwaran :

Here he upanishhads a deep appreciation of the Christian tradition. Yoga International stated that the author “often personifies upanisshads and spiritual principles, thus removing them from the realm of the abstract. Looking for beautiful books? He therefore co-relates the spiritual message to the everyday dilemmas faced by ordinary laity and presents the lofty Upanishad as a practical guide. An oceanographic vehicle is used to descend deep into the sea, to seek out its secrets with instruments and searchlights.


I just wished the story that The book starts with a story from Katha Upanishad about Nachiketa and upankshads with the author’s elaboration on the essence of Upanishad. He explains key Sanskrit terms like karma and prana, illustrating them through everyday anecdotes and entertaining analogies while placing Indian spirituality into the broader context of world mysticism.

Upanishads are such a fundamental required reading that in ancient India, children would dedicate a significant amount of their early life – years – before they set up to establish themselves in the world.

Gandhi’s Message of Nonviolence. No other creature has this capacity, and no human being can avoid this responsibility. Nagler upnishads a fine writer His meditation class at UC Berkeley in was the first accredited course on meditation at any major university. Then the following 10 chapters seem to be his own representation of the spiritual path, without much reference back to the source text.

The Upanishads

Christian Science Monitorp. Though it has elements of a self help book, it is still really well done and a worthwhile read. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Pleased, the King of Death begins. The theory of Yoga 7.

In meditation, he found a deep connection between the wisdom in the passages and the way he conducted himself throughout the day. The bulk of it is a monologue by Death, rather along the lines of Krishna’s teachings in the Bhagavad Gita.

In extraordinary visions, they have direct experience of a transcendent Reality which is the essence, or Self, of each created being. Atman exists, the theory of Yoga and the essence of Vedas 4. Why is spirituality integral to management education? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Nov 02, Aran Chandran rated it it was amazing.

Each of you can make your life a perfect work of art. An excellent, very clear, insightful and inspiring presentation of the core teachings of a global spiritual classic.


The translation is described as “made particularly for use in meditation ” [13] see the author’s method of Passage Meditation. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Eknath Easwaran

In essence, without knowing one’s Self, you would be wading dark waters all the time as the Upanishads themselves say. What will happen when I die?

A gifted teacher, he moved from education for degrees to education for living, and gave talks on meditation and spiritual living for 40 years. Every moment, whether you see it or not, you have a choice of two alternatives in what you do, say and think. Easwaran has been listed in reference works on spiritual and religious leaders. The Upanishads Classics of Indian Spirituality. Similarly, the gross body and subtle bodies are portrayed as a married couple There is a vast world waiting within the mind, and time and space have very little meaning in its realms.

And the book “Essence of the Upanishads: A larger and earlier version of Timeless Wisdomit contains dozens of passages from diverse traditions, and identifies passages for particular stages in life, such as caregiving, families with small children, death and dying, grief and loss, and for building upanishadds qualities such as patience, courage, devotion to God, and putting others first.

End of Sorrow [21] concentrates on the individual — how one can discover one’s innermost nature, and transform one’s life through self-realization, selfless upanisgads, and meditation.

The Illustrated Weekly of India. Books by Eknath Easwaran.