All the methods that Prechter has used so successfully are fully described in this In , Mr Frost delivered a speech on the Elliott Wave Principle before the. The Wave Principle is Ralph Nelson Elliott’s discovery that social, or crowd, behavior trends Lesson 1: I A.J. Frost, Robert Prechter. sivakumar pichai., Technical Writer at AGNITE EDUCATION LTD. Follow. Published on Oct 26, Elliot wave principle Published in: Technology, Business.

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Three decades years ago — — is one of the last times an investment book was written that is worthy of being called “classic. For example, introducing the year cycle of Kondratieff waves, the authors cite similar waves in Israelite and Mayan civilizations, but the brief reference leaves readers wondering whether these two civilization actually had such cycles, and if so, why those civilizations and not others. Jan 18, Ian Robertson rated it liked it. This book abd most, if not all, of my queries and curiosities of Elliott Wave Principle.

Awve is the definitive work on a scientific wave theory of human experience. Feb 24, Andre Luis rated it it was ok. Few pleasures can match the exhilaration you’ll feel ad a Wave Principle forecast has you in the market when it moves up, or takes you out just before it moves down. Stocks, commodities and gold: This book will teach you the rules and guidelines of the Wave Principle and help you understand how to apply it to any financial market. This is the standard book for understanding and in-depth princilpe of the Elliott Wave Theory.

All the methods that Prechter has used so successfully are fully described in this book. Because the book was originally written more than 30 years ago, the contemporary charts and examples are now dated, but the forecasts of then still distant market behaviour “investor mass psychology should reach manic proportions”, with a a Kondratieff wave inspired crash around the Millennium!


A.J. Frost, Robert Prechter – Elliott Wave – PDF Drive

He is also founder of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its impact on social action, including the stock market and the economy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The scientific background of the Wave Principle: It’s a great book. It’s time to consider what this definitive text offers you.

Oct 09, Julia rated it liked it. And not only that, it provides a clear, structured view of the rules to rigidly follow and guidelines to consider in virtually any possible scenario in wave count. For years investors keep buying the book, and they keep using the method to make the most pricniple their opportunities.

But the brash forecast in this new book called for a Great Bull Market. Understanding these monumental trends will help you position yourself for long-term profit and protection. It became a runaway best seller. Sweeping statements to support theories also lack empirical backing. Even though I knew very little on the frot, I found this very interesting.

I’ve done much better at making larger returns per trade. Santha Kumar rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Mr Prechter’s latest venture is Elliott Wave International, which provides monthly and intraday analysis on stock markets, currencies, interest rates, commodities and social trends to institutional and private investors around the world. The Wave Principle is your guide to the movements of any financial market.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking frot you. Key to Market Behavior.

Still the best way to learn the Wave Principle

Prechter attended Yale University on a full scholarship and graduated in with a degree in psychology. Abd 20, Jaber rated it really liked it. Description “This is a definitive, excellent book on Elliott, and I recommend it to all who have an interest in the Wave Principle.

From the Publisher “This is a definitive, excellent book on Elliott, and I recommend it to all who have an interest in the Wave Principle. The order of topics flow well.


Unfortunately the excellent writing is undercut by a fatal flaw — there seems to be little evidence to support the work. Definitely supplement with videos. HoppeBusiness and Investment Analysis. There is some flaws, as the book probably doesnt provide enough evidence or analysis, nonetheless it is still a good introduction.

The ultimate book for understanding the markets. Authors Frost and Prechter certainly deliver on their second point, presenting clearly and in concise chapters: Have elliort of them given you a successful method for making profits and reducing risks?

The authors are careful to note that the Elliot Wave theory is not a predictive tool, but rather it helps investors’ relative convictions that the next market moves will be upwards or downwards, and by how much.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He achieved his objective on being admitted to the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants in and on his call to the Ontario Bar in All the patterns are explained clearly in a simple way. Elliot taught us that it’s not news moving the price and creating waves, but it is the mass human psychology of investors. Like Hyman Minsky’s economic predictions made around the same timeFrost and Prechter also foresaw worldwide banking failures and economic collapse at the market’s peak.

Want to Read saving…. A top-drawer reference for serious technical analysts Roxana rated it really liked it May 13, Those who are Elliot Wave adherents will undoubtedly have read this book already and enjoyed it.