Sonic State:SynthSite:E-mu Esi Specifications. Esi At a Glance SYNTEC Wall of Sounds CD-ROMs Sound Food for your EMU Sampler, f.e. images | specs. Description. ESI is the very latest in the long line of high quality and affordable E-mu sampling products. ESI features kHz and kHz. Even though E-mu’s operation manual for the ESI series does technically state how multiple outputs can be used, it’s not clearly explained and is a bit.

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E-mu Systems ESI Sampler Module – E-mu – Encyclotronic

Every now and then I can find some of the cd sample sets For sale, but manusl some pretty crazy prices. That sounds like a feat unto itself. Sampler – bit Sampling at I wrote my own translator for sysex files; I’m hoping I can use a similar process to write my own translator for. I have one and Id love to be able to do filter sweeps on it while its playingcheersD Read more Thanks for your esl everyone.

E-mu ESI-4000 Turbo Multiple Output Configuration Guide

Eis the discussion thread. As having mixed signals defeats the purpose of having multiple using multiple outputs, this needs to be adjusted. Polyphony – 64 voices. Having lots of fun triggering it with the Machine Drum as well.

Sysex editor for ESI?

I like it and plan on keeping it. Samples can be automatically truncated, normalized and placed on the keyboard e,u the sample is taken. So, while these are generally treated as 4 stereo busses, 8 separate mono signals can be fmu out of the ESI Turbo if configured correctly. I recently sold an A primarily because of its painfully slow loading times and its crummy build quality. This is not necessary nor desirable when using a multiple output configuration.


Like could it record and overdub continuously? Samples can be digitally spliced and mixed with other samples, and dynamically controlled from the keyboard using velocity and positional crossfading and switching functions.

When I buy eso synthesizer, I can find dozens of fan pages sharing patches galore whether they are photographs of settings, crudely drawn diagrams, or midi sysex files. I guess that’s 400 too bad. 4000 advanced features of the ESI make sampling easy.

There is a host of powerful DSP capabilities and sample editing tools including time compression and expansion, parametric EQ, and digital tuning, manual and automatic truncation, cross-fade looping, cut, copy, paste, normalization, transform multiply and automatic correlation for easy looping. Can you just pop a cd in your computer and see the filenames, or is it a completely different structure than fat32 or whatever.

Once you get your head around the user interface they are very intuitive. I don’t want to risk damaging the rest of the disks but I only have one useable one at the emmu.

Anyone know if I got a bad batch of disks or if there’s something wrong with the sampler? ESI also contains advanced tools such as Auto Correlation, Loop Compression and Crossfade Looping which allow even the most difficult sounds to be easily looped.

You need to be a member in order to leave a review. I had an esi back in the day or should I say still do but haven’t fired it up in ten or so years.

eu So if I have a Zip drive hooked up, how long would it take to load a basic piano sample If I buy he emu, I want to make sure it can have em usability without having to load samples every time I turn it on.

Spent a lot of money on it, but really liked it when I had time to program it and made quite a few songs with it. Also, is it possible to use then esi as a simple looper? It’s got mb of memory on it, so maxed out.


I might see if he can burn me a bunch. I’d say grab it. Then the sampler market crashed, I was no longer using it, and ended up selling it for only a fraction of my investment.

Here is a breakdown of the outputs: What do you get, is a quite stable Eju I never experienced any problems with itan amazing set of filters, a warm-ish sound, which is IMO very different from Yamaha bright and Akai dull samplers. The ESI is available in three varieties: I haven’t used my ESI much recently but I’m working it back into my rig to sample the modular.

MUFF WIGGLER :: View topic – EMU ESI

Already have an account? All I want to do is get a tiny collection of sounds onto a floppy disk to play with.

Bought it new, upgraded it to 72 Mb, added a ZIP drive. Advanced digital processing features such as Sample Rate Conversion, Compressor, Digital Parametric Equalizer and Digital Tuning allow you to shape raw samples more quickly and with greater precision than computer based systems.

The ESI’s unique Trigger Mode allows eai to ten different samples to be triggered from the front panel without connecting a keyboard, making it an ideal tool for DJ’s.

So happy I don’t have to deal with Zips any more. You wsi to load it in.