The EOSINT M is a industrial 3D printer by EOS. Read our EOS EOSINT M review for full specs, price and rating. The EOSINT M is a metal 3D printer made by German company EOS. EOS are one of the oldest 3D printing companies, having been in the 3D printing. The EOSINT M is an updated and further improved version of the EOSINT M , the leading system on the market for the additive manufacturing of metal.

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A number of biocompatible, sterilizable materials, including stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, polyamides, and polyaryletherketone PEEK are available for laser-sintering.

Moreover, further improvements in the gas management system enable a reduction of the gas consumption and a prolonged filter lifetime, which further improve the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness of the system. Integrated Process Chain Management IPCM modules offer optimized powder and eoz handling, thus ensuring an increased productivity, quality and usability.

Validation of EOS M280 and EOS 290 machines

Technical Details Building Volume incl. These can be added at any time. With the opening of the center, the unit is bringing the sos highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group.

This higher power laser can melt more metal powder per second, thus achieving shorter build times and higher system productivity. This results in further improved reproducibility of the part properties. Orthopedic manufacturers have been among the eis implementers, and with NN Inc.

This allows the system to process a wide range of materials. In the aerospace industry, EOS StainlessSteel is a good choice for the manufacture of clamping elements or eoss exchangers.


Available options for controlled eoa, such as Part Property Profiles for standardized production and Integrated Process Chain Management modules, can be added to the M at any time. If a project of yours requires the use of this equipment, speak with a Makerspace staff member.

It produces components by means of Additive Manufacturing — fully automatically, without tools and based directly on three-dimensional CAD design data. Constant monitoring of the process ensures that all components are produced in excellent, reproducible quality.

The company employs people worldwide, of them in Krailling near Munich, Germany. This allows the system to process a n280 range of materials: Newsletter Contact Imprint Privacy Statement. It directly produces top-quality metal parts on the basis of three-dimensional CAD data — fully automatically, in only a few hours, and with no need for tools.

Validation of EOS M280 and EOS 290 machines

A 1 kW laser boosts productivity due to higher build rates and increased layer thickness. As above, but potential for serious amputations and life-threatening injuries Power: It also has a lower refresh rate ratio of new to re-used powderoffering cost savings and environmental benefits.

Especially for heavy eeos in a manufacturing environment, this enables significantly reduced costs-per-part, thereby increasing the competitiveness of laser-sintering compared to other technologies and opening up new viable application areas. Increased build height expands applications range Another improvement of the EOSINT M compared to its predecessor is eo increase of the maximum building height up to mm.



Use of this equipment is reserved for Makerspace staff members only. To date EOS has sold about metal systems. The parts are built up additively layer by layer. This material is flame-retardant and particularly suitable for aerospace. As an industrial manufacturing process it allows the fast and flexible production of high-end eoz based on 3D CAD data at a repeatable industry level of quality.

Newsletter Contact Imprint Privacy Statement. Part Property Management based on thorough process development Based on intensive process and application developments, EOS has established high standards in recent years. EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials and material development as well as services maintenance, training, specific application consulting m2280 support.

PrimePart ST has an excellent refresh rate, making it an environmentally favorable alternative to other flexible materials for laser-sintering. Further system improvements As with previous models, the system configuration can be adapted to different customer needs through a variety of options and accessories.

EOS M – industrial 3D printed parts from metal materials

This is particularly interesting for hybrid part building, a concept which EOS introduced in the s for prototype tooling. Share on Twitter Tweet. Extensive monitoring features take quality management to a new level and comply with the requirements k280 industrial production. This flexible elastomeric polyether block amide has unique customizable mechanical properties.