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A H8 – H Alternative tax treatments of the securities are also possible and the Internal Revenue Service might assert that a treatment other than that described above is more appropriate. An air purge is maintained through the air space of the receiver tanks dp the radwaste area ventilation exhaust duct to remove fission product gases and hydrogen. These measurements were performed by standard pitot tube and helium dilution techniques 6. The containment supply and exhaust air systems are used jointly First, in the vent to purge containment in three operational modes.

Proceeds to be received by Royal Bank of Canada in this offering will be net of the underwriting discount, commission and expenses payable by Royal Bank of Canada. The vent line is only operational in this mode.

Treasury Department are also considering other relevant issues, including whether additional gain or loss from such instruments should be treated as ordinary or capital and whether the constructive ownership rules of Section of the Code, as discussed above, might be applied to such instruments.

No holder of the securities will have any rights or interest in our hedging activity or any positions we or any counterparty may take in connection with our hedging activity. Such a debt instrument would be subject to the special tax rules governing contingent payment debt instruments.


Near the start of the in-plant measurement program at Rancho Seco, plant data indicated that the A and B exhaust HEPA and prefilters had been in operation approximately 24, and 15, hours, respectively. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D. The cover gases from these tanks feed directly into the auxiliary building ventilation system.

The following events will not be market disruption events: The agreement between the plant design flows and both the helium dilution and pitot tube measurement was within five percent. Our estimate is based on a variety of assumptions, including our internal funding cz16n which represents a discount from our credit spreadsexpectations as to dividends on the securities held by the Fund, interest rates and volatility, and the expected term of the securities. cs1n6

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

On the dynamic logic of agency and action. The cesium isotopes, however, are found throughout the system with each demineralizer showing a different DF. Direct and indirect participants in DTC will record your ownership of the securities. The Index Sponsor has no obligation of any sort with respect to the securities.

NUREG/CR, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho |

The iodine isotopes are all essentially removed by the first demineralizer, and the crud-associated radionuclides have very little removal.

Six sets of samples were taken from the miscellaneous waste evaporator MWE during the course of the investigation. Also included in Table 8. The CAS was used to collect sp from the containment building exhaust stack and the cc glass gas cylinders were used for noble gas containment atmosphere sampling.

A high level probe in the concentrator ccs16n activated de-energizes the feed pump and initiates heating shutdown. January 30,subject to postponement as described below.

If the valuation date is postponed, then the maturity date of the securities will be postponed by dp equal number of business days. It should also be noted that the decontamination area Figure 8. Because the water entering the coolant radwaste system is from the reactor coolant system, the chemistry tends to be relatively constant and follows the reactor coolant chemistry.


During refueling, concentrations were measured downstream of HEPA and charcoal filters and the releases in Table 2.

In the different case, the algorithm proceeds as follows: The Fund uses a representative sampling strategy to track the performance of its Underlying Index which may cs16 rise to tracking error, i. As a result, the actual value you would receive if you sold the securities in any secondary market, if any, should be expected to differ materially from our initial cw16n value of your securities.

E i A: The spiking of reactor coolant radionuclide concentrations during power level changes is normally attributed to a diffusion release from the fuel rods.

The satisfiability problem of PDL is decidable, as it enjoys the finite model property. If the primary location of its assets matches any of the HCIs, then the company is assigned to the primary location of its assets. The actual point of maximum spiking is difficult to determine since the reactor power started to raise at and spike sampling stopped at the SMUD shift change.

We examine the trees which are formed by the children nodes of s, considering them as their root nodes. In addition, “best value” DF’s were calculated by dividing the average inlet reactor coolant concentration of each nuclide by the average concentration of the same nuclide in the letdown filter effluent.