Décryptez La Cantatrice chauve d’Eugène Ionesco avec l’analyse du ! Que faut-il retenir de La Cantatrice chauve, la célèbre pièce. Eugene Ionesco, or, in Romanian, Eugen Ionescu is one of the most famous Romanian playwrights. However there is some controversy over. Eugène Ionesco: La Cantatrice chauve. Directing: Viktor Kollár Stage design: Ján Zavarský Costumes: Zuzana Hudeková Opening night: 17th June

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The first scene introduces Mr and Mrs Smith, and the husband’s first words I translate as: We’ve eaten soup, fish, potatoes in pig fat, English salad. The children have drunk English water.

We’ve eaten well tonight.

La cantatrice chauve de Eugène Ionesco

That’s because we live near London and our name is Smith. Obviously some form of parody is intended here, probably of both the lessons and the English people.

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As they fall into each others’ arms and fall asleep, the maid returns to explain that they aren’t who they say they are, and that she Mary is Sherlock Holmes. When the Smiths return, the conversation between the two couples becomes a trading of meaningless and rather mindless facts, with a number of mock exclamatory words of surprise for the most banal details, as if, again, Ionesco is parodying these bourgeois types.

But humorous too, of course: But she is incapable of even the most basic substraction: Just before the next student arrives, the Professor and Marie get rid of the body, which chauce learn is the 40th in a week.

The conversation — and the peace of the day — are scattered by the appearance of one of two rhinoceroses: However, it soon becomes evident that the rhinoceros is real, as it destroys the bottom of the office stairs, effectively imprisoning them until the fire brigade can rescue them.

Madame Boeuf, who has come to excuse her husband for being unable to come to work, discovers that the attacking rhinocero is in fact Monsieur Boeuf.


Later, Daisy joins the two men and informs them that Botard has become a rhinoceros, along with others she knows. Je ne vous suivrai pas, je ne vous comprends pas. I won’t follow you, I don’t understand you.

La cantatrice chauve de Eugène Ionesco – aLaLettre

I’m a human being. In the end the characters leave him to die and he sits alone, while around him the doors, windows, and walls slowly disappear, as does the king himself. Posted by Dr Tony Shaw.

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