Names: ܐܘܓܪܝܣ6, 7, 8; Evagrius of Pontus; ܐܘܓܪܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܛܐ4; ܐܶܘܰܓܪܺܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܺܛܐ4; ܐܹܘܲܓܪܝܼܣ5; اوغريوس البنطي3; Evagrius7; Ewagrīs; Évagre8; Euagrios9. `Review from previous edition Sinkewicz has rendered Evagrius’s terse style into an English that is both clear and precise – no small achievement given. Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus [Gabriel Bunge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This ultimately joyful work is .

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In addition, substantial fragments of a Sogdian version of Evagrius’ Antirrhetikos have been rediscovered as well. He explains relationships between the various evil thoughts, and provides a glimpse into the epistemic, anthropological, pontuus cosmological notions that undergird his advice on spiritual warfare. See Casiday, Evagrius Ponticus — Lists of Scriptures that are effective in combatting the eight passions.

His writing is abundant with references to nature as a storehouse of lessons which he considers crucial for the attainment of a spiritually whole life.

Evagrius Ponticus – OrthodoxWiki

Arabic, Syriac, and Armenian. For a short time, he stayed with Melania the Elder and Rufinus of Aquileia in a monastery near Jerusalem, but even there he could not forsake his vainglory and pride. Proverbs and Their Interpretation proverbs and their interpretation Instructions Prov. This departs from the traditional eight vices, because Evagrius inserts jealousy recurs in CPG This brief treatise concisely describes the evil thoughts and the virtues opposed to them.


Studi e testi Views Read View source View history. Analecta sacra spicilegio Solesmensi parata.

Evagrius of Pontus: The Greek Ascetic Corpus – Oxford Scholarship

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A Monastic Handbook for Combating Demons. The Clavis patrum graecorum CPG has been followed for assigning certainty of authorship. Retrieved from ” https: Basil of Caesarea and Way, Agnes Clare. Abhandlungen der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Klasse Ex officina Frobeniana, Biblische und kirchenhistorische Studien 4. evagius

Editions and translations 5: Assorted Chapters assorted chapters Maxims 3 maxims 3 Aliae sententiae aliae sententiae. French translation and Armenian edition: See also 14 Chapters nocpg Corpus scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium.

Evagrius of Pontus: The Greek Ascetic Corpus

You can help OrthodoxWiki by expanding it. Some two centuries later in AD, Pope Gregory I”Pope Gregory The Great” would revise this list to form the more commonly known Seven Deadly Sinswhere Pope Gregory the Great combined acedia discouragement with tristitia sorrowcalling the combination the sin of sloth ; vainglory with pride; and pojtus envy to the list of “Seven Deadly Sins”.


Attestations Evagrius of Pontus is commemorated in Evagrius text [http: Letters and Select Works. In this treatise gnostika, mental or spiritual formation, is discussed. Ethiopic edition and French translation:. The most prominent feature of his research was a system of evagrkus various forms of temptation.

Makarios, Saint and Nicodemus, the Hagiorite. Evagrius enjoins the constant contemplation of death, of Hades and its torments, of the day of judgment, of the punishments in store for the wicked, and of rewards for the righteous, all as a weapon against harmful thoughts.

Potus Typographeo Academico, London and New York: Translated by Simon Tugwell. Evagrius of Evagriuw — Evagrius, a highly educated classical scholar, is believed to be one of the first people to begin recording and systematizing the erstwhile oral teachings of the monastic authorities known as the Desert Fathers. Greek edition and English translation: