Everlost is a fantasy book published in by the young adult author Neal Shusterman. The story is the first in the Skinjacker trilogy that takes place in Everlost. Shusterman’s (Full Tilt) enigmatic novel imagines a purgatory where only children go, with its own vocabulary and body of literature plus a. Everlost by Neal Shusterman – Nick and Allie don’t survive the car accident, but their souls don’t exactly get where they’re supposed to go either. Instead.

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Nick even dies with chocolate on his face. Finding what actually was the main problem was difficult because it’s only really expressed in this quote. See more by Neal Shusterman.

Nick and Allie had different opinions of Mary.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In their ensuing adventures, they are captured everlos the McGill and suffer a horrible fate before Nick discovers his true purpose in Everlost. These and many more themes all contributed greatly to the story, inspiring thought and creating intrigue.

Several months later, I’m proud to say I’ve finished the book. Hopefully this leads to a lot of character development in the next book.


An unpredictable and adventurous first book on a series. What we have here is an unfortunate meet and greet between Nick and Allie.

Aug 22, Bridget rated it liked it. The story of Everlost is nostalgic, but also moving and funny, because its characters are kids. One of the author blurbs on the book describes it as beautifully written, and it truly is. Jun 25, Shayantani Das rated it really liked it.

The book as a whole struck me as a bit juvenile, but I could see how it would nesl to readers slightly younger than me. Shudterman us what you shusteeman, so we can send you books you’ll love. Trivia About Everlost Skinjac And the further the two go, the more they realize what powers they possess, and how they fit into the grand scheme of Everlost.


I’ve had this on my shelf for a while ndal and I’m glad for the Pick Five thread in my YA group, otherwise I would have probably just kept pushing this off.

Degrees in both psychology and drama give Neal a unique approach to writing. Everlost is one of those novels that destroys the reading slump. Shusterman’s Full Tilt enigmatic novel imagines a purgatory where only children go, with its own vocabulary and body of literature plus a monster named the McGill.

The other issue I had with the book was the characters. I just felt like it was slow in places and I think some more action would have helped a lot.

I think the biggest problem for me with this book was that I am NOT part of the target audience for this book. Mary Hightower publishes manifestos to lead lost kiddos to her cause. I really did enjoy reading this one. And the story was just so intriguing and crazy. Mary was an interesting character, though I have no idea why she so strongly insists on people staying in Everlost. The number one issue I had with this book was the juvenility is that a word? Kids who die go to a sort of place but not a place existing between life and death called Everlost.

Their decisions for the most part make sense. That doesn’t happen often.

She lives with the children under her care in the destroyed World Trade Centerwhich exists because things that are much beloved in the world can cross into Everlost when they are destroyed. In this imaginative novel, Neal Shusterman explores questions of life, death, and what just might lie in between.

To ask other readers questions about Everlostplease sign up. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The book follows their trials and errors in trying to do so. What I like about Shusterman is how well he knows what’s he’s writing about. This is one that kind of sinks in. And then I picked Everlost up, thinking it wouldn’t be as good as Bruiser.


Everlost is the place between life and death that all lost children end up after getting lost in their journey to the afterlife. This book reminded me of Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theif, with the quests and adventurous feel to the story. And out of both of these concerns come the legends of monsters: Her propaganda is far reaching.

It’s really hard to find a good young adult novel. Everlost evetlost a b Addicting, creative, fascinating tale that weaves something that could have been either cliched or overly creepy into something brilliant and original.

That being said, I carefully choose the novels that I read because a bad novel would make me avoid reading even more. For every person there is a different personality.

Everlost – Wikipedia

Everlost reminded me of several books I felt rather lukewarm about – ElsewhereLord of the Flies and Gone. Overall, the plot itself was weak and definitely the least exciting part of the book. But while Nick feels at home with Mary, Allie suspects Mary is hiding something. Books on death for young adults aren’t necessarily a bad thing at all, I’m just on the zhusterman as to whether Everlost everllost one of the better examples a kid in that age range could read.