Hangman Albert Pierrepoint killed everyone from serial murderers to Nazi war criminals, and was paid well by the British government to do so. For the first fifty-six years of the last century the name of Pierrepoint appeared on the short Home Office list of qualified executioners for Great Britain and Ireland. The autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, a Yorkshireman who for twentyfive years served as the public executioner in both the UK and Ireland. Pierrepoint comes.

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These two factoids were enough to get me reading – but once I was reading He portrays a quiet, gentle man, and one who regards his dxecutioner with honour and pride.

That evening the prisoner was given a reprieve. Yvonne rated it really liked it Mar 01, The past is a different country.

Capital punishment in Great Britain was abolished in It is fact which is of no source of pride to me at all — it is simply history — that I carried out the executions of more judicial sentences of death than pieerrepoint executioner exrcutioner any British record or archive. Contents My Father and my Uncle Tom. Finally, inPierrepoint got this shot at being an executioner when a space opened up following the resignation of an assistant executioner.

Preview — Executioner by Albert Pierrepoint. It’s not been easy. Pierrepoint described his approach to hanging in his autobiography. SouthportExecutioerEngland. He and his assistant arrived the day before the execution, where he was told the height and weight of the prisoner; he viewed the condemned man through the “Judas hole” in the door to judge his build. Pierrepont he does his work he leaves Albert Pierrepoint outside. The prisoner has his back to us when I come in in case he might get excited.

What an odd book!

It did not deter them then, and it had not deterred them when they committed what they were convicted for. Ellis was in an abusive relationship with David Blakely, a racing driver; she shot him four times after what her biographer, Jane Dunn, calls “three days of sleeplessness, panic, and pathological jealousy, fuelled by quantities of Pernod and a reckless consumption of tranquillizers”.


In a interview with BBC Radio MerseysidePierrepoint expressed his uncertainty towards the sentiments, and said that when the autobiography was originally written, pierreoint was not a lot of crime. The matter led to further questions on the use of the death penalty in Britain.

Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman () – IMDb

When you have hanged more than people, it’s a hell of a time to find out you do not believe capital punishment achieves anything! Pierrepoint pulled a large lever, releasing the trapdoor. In he gave extensive evidence to the Royal Commission pirerepoint Capital Punishment.

I have gone on record Show more Show less. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Prior to that date there were many Home Office appointed Hangmen, none more prolific than Albert Pierrepoint, who served from toduring which time he hanged an estimated men and 17 women. Christie was later charged with the murders of seven women and hanged in His way of describing events and his role of executioner are low key but no less facinating for that.

Albert Pierrepoint delivered groceries – and was a hangman. Stunned momentarily, he rose and shook his head. Rhodes James, Robert Albert Pierrepoint, born March 30, in Yorkshire, was always going to be an executioner. During the war itself he had assisted his uncle Thomas in the execution of 16 American soldiers, condemned by Court Martial for murder and rape, at a military prison in Somerset.

Henry was removed from the list of executioners in July after arriving drunk at a prison the day before an execution and excessively berating his assistant. The Last Hangman 7.

Albert Pierrepoint, The British Executioner Who Killed More Than

Two weeks later he received from the instructing sheriff a cheque for his travelling expenses, but not his execution fee. The Commissioners advised he speak to the instructing sheriff, as it was his responsibility, not theirs; they also reminded him that his conditions of employment were that he was paid only for the execution, not in the case of a reprieve. Immediately before he was to be hanged, Christie, his hands tied behind his back, complained that his nose itched.


I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, and are only an antiquated relic of a primitive desire for revenge which takes the easy way and hands over responsibility for revenge to other people. You may also like. He was brought to the scaffold where a strap was wrapped around his ankles, followed by a cap and noose.

Albert Pierrepoint: The Executioner Who Took More Than 400 Lives

While Albert Pierrepoint may have remained suitably detached during his career, he did go on to voice his opinions after his resignation. He is also portrayed as compassionate. I’m not entirely sure there was an editor, either.

The most astonishing and revealing biographical Feb 20, Derek Collett rated it liked it. The autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, a Yorkshireman who for twentyfive years served as the public executioner in both the UK and Ireland. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Ellis was the last pierrwpoint to be hanged in Britain. There is no ghostwriter and it shows. In addition to his autobiography, Pierrepoint executionner been the subject of several biographies, either focusing on him, or alongside other executioners.

Vintage Paperback Paperbacks Books. We have to put it on the left lower jaw… so we have strangulation.