The Fenian Cycle contains tales of Finn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna, during the reign of Cormac Mac Airt. The Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology is a cycle of stories about the lives of heroes, their loves and losses, triumphs and journeys. Walk with Fionn son of Cumhall. By around AD, Fionn became the most prominent figure in stories of the Fenian Cycle. The Cycle is not purely oral, and has been influenced by technology.

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This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat This is when Fionn is admitted to the court of the High Kings at Tara after passing three major tests which then he became leader of the Clan Bascna. Diarmuid arose at early day and beaming dawn on the morrow, and roused Grainne, and told her to watch while Murdan slept.

Dairmuid drew the javelin out and placed it standing the second time; and the second man of them arose to do the feat, and he too was slain like the other. They both threw their weapons out of their hands, and ran to encounter each other, and locked their knotty hands across one anther’s graceful backs. Historical cycle During the medieval period in Ireland professional poets bards would record the history of the family or king they served. When they were broiled Muadan said: Diarmuid rose at early day and beaming down on the morrow, and halted not until he had reached the aforesaid hill, and having gotten there he struck his shield mightily and soundingly, so that he caused the shore to tremble with the noise around him.


Then Diarmuid greeted that youth, and asked tidings of him. Many of the Irish legends are made up of stories about adventures, great battles, voyages, invasions and gods but today we categories them into 4 main cycles: Events in the Ulster cycle are to have taken place during the time of Christ with some historians believing the Ulster Cycle to be historical when others believed they were actually purely mythical.

They journeyed forth westward until they reached the Beith, and when they had reached the stream Muadan did likewise with them, and they went into a cave of the earth at the side of Currach Cinn Admuid, over Tonn Toime; and Muadan dressed a bed of soft rushes and of birch-tops for Diarmuid and Grainne in the further part of that cave. He was wise and sensitive to nature and became a popular hero as a kingly figure in the 7th century.

There was a problem with your submission. Then he himself rose exceedingly lightly over it, and thrice measured the sword by paces from the hilt to its point, and he came down and asked if there was a man of them who could perform that feat.

Thereupon Diarmuid followed the tun and brought it up againand a second man mounted upon it.

Four Cycles Of Irish Mythology

Interspersed in the narratives are passages of verse, usually speeches, that are often older than the prose.

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. According to legendFinn was a descendant of the Druids. They did this in poems mixed with mythological and history resulting in stories that make up the Historical cycle.

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Fenian Cycle

The Fenian cycle remains a vital part of Irish folklore and contains many of the best-loved folk tales of the country. Then a second man rose, and as he descended from above he chanced to fall crossways upon the sword, so that there were two portions made of him.


And this is the form and fashion of the hot, sore, fearful strife that took place betwixt them. The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works….

Retrieved 1 December The famous story Salmon of Wisdom is part of the Fenian Cycle. We recommend you read our Privacy Statement and if you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Diarmuid returned back having no cut nor wound, and went his way till he reached Muadan and Grainne. Help us improve this article! Other earlier tales were recorded in manuscripts such as The Book of the Dun Cow c.

Fenian Cycle – Wiktionary

He then put the hook and the hair under his girdle, and ffenian rod into the earth, and took his three fish with him to where Diarmuid and Grainne were, and put the fish upon spits. Likewise ,fifty of the people of the foreigners fell by Diarmuid’s feat on that day; and they bade him take away the javelin, saying that he should slay no more of their people with that feat.

Fionn cycle, Ossianic cycle. Water drunk from Fionn’s hands has the power of healing, but when Fionn gathers water he deliberately lets it run through his fingers before he gets back to Diarmuid.