Learn about Robotics and Programming The fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab provides students with the tools needed to construct and program eleven. ed machines and robots using the ROBO TX Controller from fischertechnik. As you certainly know, a lot of the components in the ROBO TX Training Lab use. Find great deals for fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab 11 Models Parts NIOB. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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We discussed making changes to the program to perfect it, but in the end the kids wanted to fischertechnij on to another project, so we left it alone. It was only a few modifications to add the line sensor to the front and two lights to the rear.

Swing N Slide Craftsman Cottage. You can read the story and watch the video here: Get your order without delay Your order will be shipped as normal. Two encoder motors allow for exact positioning.

For future reference how would I test it with the “Interface Test” option? When he finished, we disassembled the fan and started building a line following robot. I will try to find some time to program the robot to follow fiscertechnik line, too. I thought Fischfrtechnik already done that see previous reply. The project was super simple, but it was a great way to become familiar with the graphical programming interface.


I have checked the wire connections with an Ohm meter and they are OK along with their port connections to the Controller, and the polarity of the PT is correct as well. Power Wheels Ford F Truck.

We wrapped up our summer robot building project by completing the final steps to turn our Fischer Technik Basic Model into a “Trail Searcher”, or line following robot. Lego Williams F1 Team Racer. The first robot project is to build an elevator. If one child had difficulty, the others were asked to lend a hand. We realized two types of light bulbs are included with the kit.

fischertechnik Robo TX Training Lab

The next step is to add the wires and test the program. Also, the controller is very modern.

The other really exciting thing oab happened is the Barrington Patch online newspaper attended our building session and did an awesome story on our summer activity! This was helpful because we discovered a few errors.

It is extremely similar trainiing Lego Mindstorms robot kits. In case 5 for five seconds. All you need is: We had two building sessions so far. Also includes 50 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building the above models, By checking the box and fschertechnik the button below, you are informing Rapid Electronics Ltd that you agree to the use of these cookies as detailed in our Privacy Policy.


We finished building “The Basic Model”, it is the main part of our line following robot, and it works!

The project we selected was the fan and light. Update on robot building with the Fischer Technik kit: My understanding of the project is that if the light beam being picked up by the photo transistor PT is broken the motor should stop. Elvis Presley Piece Puzzle.

We figured out how to use the RoboPro software to communicate with the elevator over Bluetooth. We finished the Fischer Technik Elevator Robot project. Then I found a sample program on the software disk.

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When I run the software for either Hand Dryer 1 or 2 the motor fan blade never stops as I assume it should. The kids investigated and found the sensor was installed backwards.

It has a grey body with fisschertechnik other lamps I have having a white body. I explained that I got our robot to work with the sample program to save time. If I replace the PT with a Switch and change the program as well it will stop and start the motor as expected.