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In digital system, basically any multi-mouse can control all optional locomotives.

Search on site www. The deactivated locomotive nevertheless keeps on rolling. Programming for professionals This programme requires experience and knowledge in dealing with digital technology on behalf of the user. A reprogramming at random may result in a “non-responsive” decoder and and therefore a reset at your own expenses would then be necessary!

Product specifications Module twin Receiver for Acces ref designer:. Finally, Fleischmann uses a technique of impression of drawings and texts on locos and cars called tampography, which guarantees model trains an extreme realism with very fine and authentic inscriptions.

The multi-mice have a long connecting cable. If that is not enough, then it can be extended at the slave mice, with a data bus distributor module Roco Item No. The multi-mouse is compatible with the latest devices of the 8652 Lenz, so it can be connected eg.

Fleischmann TWIN Receiver Module for Electrical

You can control the selected locomotive directly and if you want to control another one, you just need to switch to its address. The amplifier has two output jacks. Any decoder can be re-programmed via the multi-mouse at any time, even without the need to open the locomotive here MM decoders with programming buttons are excluded. Dealer locator List of dealers. Dealer Dealer locator List of dealers.


Fleischmann Digital Twin Receiver Module 6852 for FMZ and DCC NMRA Standard

It has rapidly become well-known for the quality of its products and, among others, the perfection of its steam locomotives from the golden age of European railways. It is useful to connect up to 10 multi-mice, so that up to 10 players can simultaneously drive your trains.

The models of engines and coaches of Fleischmann miniature electric trains are characterized by their precision of reproduction. All slave mice can be disconnected and connected to another point even during operation and immediately will be a “part of the game” again. Please refer to the manual on page 29 under tips, hints and quick help. Standardized programming All programming is possible in an easy way and at any time.

Only the master mouse must be continuously connected and its connecting cable should not be extended because it generates the track signal and without it – “nothing really works Can I connect more than one multi-mouse to the amplifier at the same time?

Another multi-mouse can be directly connected to the slave output. News Fairs Catalogues Newsletter.

Module twin Receiver for Acces ref – train accessory. Many modellers interested in the European scene will flleischmann already have heard of the name of Fleischmann as one of the major manufacturers whose name is synonymous with Quality Driving operation is not interrupted in turnout mode!

Is it possible to control turnouts via the multi-mouse digitally?

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Fleischmann module | #

Fleischmann The Model Railway for Experts Fleischmann started producing miniature train models years ago, in !!!. There are two ways of programming: This way you can connect various connectors all around your model railway layout and these are also the spots where you can connect your multi-mouse.

More multi-mice can be connected if even more players want to participate With a larger model railway layout, can I place the multi-mouse at different points of the layout? Fleischmann multi-Maus Do I need a second multi-mouse for the second digital locomotive?

Only one multi-mouse may be connected to the master output. Since, additionally to the setting of the standard CV’s, other more complex parameters can be modified also, you should be clear about the importance of any value before you even set them. You will only need a second multi-mouse if you want to control two locomotives at the same time or if two players want to control the model railway layout.

Fleischmann Digital Receiver Module Article Number 6852

Suggested products to visit from category train accessory same designer Fleischmann. Service General Spare parts Downloads. Module twin Receiver for Acces ref by Fleischmann Category: Suggestion of gift ideas. The plans dleischmann all details which could be found by their engineers on historical documents and photographs. If you want to connect additional multi-mice, then you need the data bus distributor modules Roco Item No.