Format Ddst – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fill Formulir Ddst Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Not the form you were looking for? Search By Safarotul Hidayah in FORMULIR DDST II. The calculated percentiles for each item were used in graphing the DDST-SL in the same format as DDST-II. Each item/milestone is represented by a bar.

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Format DDST

Mar 30, interpretasi hasil test dari ddst ii Anak dapat melakukan semua item yang di minta dengan baik sehingga anak dinyatakan lulus P. Based off of the all the information obtained Jordyn has been proven to be a beautiful and healthy infant. While her parents and I were speaking she was having her very own conversation with herself, but no words cdst distinguishable with her.

When Cassandra was asked if she says either name it was reported that Jordyn says both. Listening to Jordyn firmat her jibberish she passed the Jabbers test.

Format ddst pdf

Jordyn is a bright and healthy infant, however, she should still be monitored in order to prevent complications that could happen later in her life. It took a little time since she kept getting distracted, so the test would be stopped in order to get her focus back on the string.


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Format ddst pdf

Her weight was Having three consecutive failures in a section we moved to testing Jordyn in the Fine Motor — Adaptive section. Seeing that Jordyn passed the Denver II Screen with no problems, there are no apparent concerns for her development.

About Me Jennifer R. In this room was a twin size bed on which the testing was performed. Her mother states that she was starting to lift her head to 90 degrees at three months of age.

All of these results were explained to Cassandra, the mother. Her grasp is strong especially when a rattle is allowed to be in her hands. Following to Midline, Past Midline and degrees all were passed by Jordyn. She has equal movements in her extremities when placed on her back. Her favorite toy was then placed in front of her, just out of immediate reach. She also does great with finger foods and crackers.

Due to this it is important that Cassandra enforces giving Jordyn iron-fortified formula and continues to encourage healthy foods in the future. However, Jordyn can still only pick up the raisin through a raking phase. Other concerns would be to have Cassandra start exercising and eating healthy.

When Jordyn was placed on her back without her mother holding her she would bring her hands together at her mouth. Located in a residential area, the home has a pool and decent size yard for Jordyn to play in.


The tasks that are to the right of her age line are for children who are older than the seven-month-old marker. Her weight and head circumference also fall within the 10 th — 90 th percentile for the national average ddsg children her age. Explaining that Jordyn is growing and developing ddsh an age appropriate level based off of the DDST results and its previous research data.

Another test that was performed to test her development in the fine motor adaptation was placing a raisin on the table and seeing if Jordyn would clearly look at the object.

She was not born prematurely; therefore no adjustments to the calculations are necessary. After having these three consecutive fails we attempted the Language section of the Denver II Screening.

Further more, it is recommended that Jordyn continue with her wellness visits to the pediatrician. All of these made the test duration longer, however, these distractions did not inhibit the testing or its results. These tasks are much more of a challenge and not appropriate for her age as of now. Posted by Jennifer R. Cassandra should be anticipating Jordyn crawling and standing on her own soon.