Italian[edit]. Noun[edit]. formula di prostaferesi f (plural formule di prostaferesi). ( mathematics) trigonometric sum-to-product identity (trigonometric addition. formule di prostaferesi translation in Italian-English dictionary. formula di prostaferesi translation in Italian-English dictionary.

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formula di prostaferesi

The product formulas can also be manipulated to obtain formulas that express addition in terms of multiplication. In sixteenth century Europe, celestial navigation of ships on long voyages relied heavily on ephemerides to determine their position and course. Using the second formula, however, has the unique advantage that if only a cosine table is available, it can be used to estimate inverse cosines by searching for the angle with the nearest cosine value.

No rank data for last week. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, featured in 1 other countries. The actual sine is 0.

Matematica 2

Although less useful for computing products, these are still useful for deriving trigonometric results:. For the 25 years preceding the invention of the logarithm init was the only known generally applicable way of approximating products quickly.

Featured Feature placements are determined by the app stores and help users to discover new and popular apps. Its name comes from the Greek prosthesis and aphaeresismeaning addition and subtractiontwo steps in the process. Notice how similar the above algorithm is to the process for multiplying using logarithms, which follows these steps: Astronomers had to make thousands of such calculations, and because the best method of multiplication available was long multiplicationmost of this time was spent taxingly multiplying out products.


formule di prostaferesi – Wiktionary

Average the cosine of the sum of the angles, Although sums, differences, and averages are easy to compute with high precision, even by hand, trigonometric functions and especially inverse trigonometric functions are not. If both sides are multiplied by 2, these formulas are also called the Werner formulas. Retrieved from ” https: Indeed the two are closely related mathematically. Views Read Edit View history. Wittich, Yunis, and Clavius were all astronomers and have all been credited by various sources with discovering the method.

Per completare il corso acquista anche Matematica 1: When one quantity in such a formula is unknown but the others are known, the unknown quantity can be computed using a series of multiplications, divisions, and trigonometric table lookups. Then use a table of secants to find out that 7.

The models used to compute these were based on spherical trigonometrywhich relates the angles and arc lengths of spherical triangles see diagram, right using formulas such as:.

App Description In un’app tutta la matematica di secondo livello: Even a quick estimate of the interpolated value is often much closer than the nearest table ofrmule. It’s no surprise that the originators of logarithms had used prosthaphaeresis.

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Sign Up for Free. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat To divide, we exploit the definition of the secant as the reciprocal of the cosine. Algorithms using the other formulas are similar, but each using different tables sine, inverse sine, cosine, and inverse cosine in different places.

Mathematical Association of America. Mathematicians, particularly those who were also astronomers, were looking for an easier way, and trigonometry was one of the most advanced and familiar fields to these people.

One solution is to include more table values in this area.

For example, a sine table with an entry for each degree can be off by as much as 0. See lookup table for more details. To see this weeks data up to the last hour. Nicholas Copernicus mentions ‘prosthaphaeresis’ several times in his work De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestiummeaning the “great parallax” caused by the displacement of the observer due to the Earth’s annual motion.

The first two are the easiest because they each only require two tables. If all the operations are performed with high precision, the product can be as accurate as desired. For this reason, the accuracy of the method depends to a large extent on the prostaferes and detail of the trigonometric tables used.