Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Arena book by William R. Forstchen. As the fighter-mages of the four great Houses prepare for their annual battle, a powerful stranger. Arena is the very first Magic novel ever produced. It was published in November , and was written by William R. Forstchen. Arena is not.

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Magic – The Gathering: Arena

I don’t always need or want to read nuanced, complicated novels with twists and turns that keep me guessing. I won’t give away specifics but there are several places where you know what you want to happen and the author delivers in spectacular ways which usually gets an audible “Yes!

The first half of the book was just For whatever reason, zrena story in this one is really fantastic and always makes me read it in one sitting. And it held up pretty well!

Arena by William R. Forstchen

If the fight is to the death, the bet is the loser’s entire satchel of spells and mana. While some people who have never played the card game before might scoff at the areja of books written in this style; the core plot, characters, and themes of this book are very well told.

We also find that Hammen is of the Fifth House as well and used to serve Garth’s father, who was leader of the House. Open Preview See a Problem? It was published in Novemberand was written by William R. In reality, he kills them and takes their mana and spells, preventing any rivals from arising. Garth fofstchen and wounds him, escaping. I vaguely recall the concept from a time when a former roommate tried to teach me the game “Magic. If you’re looking for an unapologetic fantasy with battle and intrigue but not too much grit, this might do you well.


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While some people who have never played the card game before might scoff Based on the popular card game of the same name, this was the first book written using the MtG world as a backdrop.

For me, this is a five star read because it knows what it is and the author indulges in every word of it. Aug 01, Karlie Nyte rated it liked it Shelves: Paperback tie-in novels are always assumed to be garbage, but I’ve read enough of them to discover a few well-written gems and to know this doesn’t have to be true.

Apr 28, Matthew rated it really liked it Shelves: Arena is not part of any cycle, but its story is connected to the Greensleeves Trilogy. Stories written prior to The Brothers’ War are generally ignored by later writings, and are of uncertain relevance. Forstchen resides near Asheville, North Carolina with his daughter Meghan. And I love a good circle of protection.


I read this book a long, long time ago more than 15 years or so in that time i was an avid Magic: Presumably, they have old-style small streets and walkways.

Magic – The Gathering: Arena : William R. Forstchen :

The warrior, Norreenthanks Garth, but remains aloof, especially after being taunted vulgarly by Hammen. Zarel is attacked by a mob and kills many of them as well. My father read this book some time ago, and having never played Magic or understanding anything about it he said he enjoyed it and planned on reading it again.

Jun 11, Luke Sonnier rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Aug 14, Graham Houle rated it really arenx it. When Garth is about to be killed, Norreen leads the crowd as a mob into the Arena to aid him. At the time the book came out, there is still a lack of deep lore regarding the world of Magic: It was really forstcheen.

The crude elderly pickpocket who becomes servant to the mysterious stranger is pretty cool, and there are actually a couple women in the story who–while not as awesome and brave as the mysterious stranger, of course–are pretty bad-ass.