Nonexclusive, royalty-free permission is granted to government and private sector .. Advice to consult the SMACNA HCVA Air Duct Leakage Test Manual was. l Guide For Free Standing Steel Stack Construction SMACNA’s new app for its flagship manual HVAC Duct Construction Standards—Metal & Flexible. SMACNA-HVAC Duct Construction Standards. SMACNA – HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual. SMACNA SMACNA Members click here for free drawings.

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Use of these tested and proven sample forms and specification will save hours of valuable time. Methods to identify and remediate lead, asbestos, or other materials that are classified as hazardous materials are rree intended to be within the scope of this standard.

Make a Technical Inquiry. Other topics covered are testing and identification and source mitigation. It also includes sample reports and timesaving pre-start and start-up checklists. Reprint of Ed. Methods discussed include using building systems automation, envelope improvements, and demand control strategies including thermal energy storage. Provides building owners, facility managers, contractors, and smaacna designers with the tools needed to evaluate an existing facility for energy savings potential.

The rates in this manual are intended as guidelines paralleling amounts an equipment owner should charge during rental or contractual periods to recover equipment-related costs on a single-shift basis. It provides a process that begins with a walk-through audit.

SMACNA Technical Manuals

Other topics covered include HVAC heat recovery, energy auditing, operation and maintenance, and indoor air quality. Metric units have been provided in a more convenient format, as well as an updated inspection checklist.

As alternatives to table use, the publication has a manual calculation procedure using equations and fully developed examples, and offers optional calculation software. With the long-term rising cost of fossil fuels, reducing the energy consumption of HVAC systems is increasingly important. Separate chapters are devoted to the different levels of commissioning, including basic, comprehensive and critical system commissioning.


Understanding the Basics is a comprehensive non-technical manual written to provide an overview of HVAC systems and can be used for self-study, group training, or reference.

SNIPS – October 10, 2010

Offers new construction techniques and alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates. Sealants, moisture transfer methods and air leakage are also covered.

Variable air volume, multi-zone, dual duct and exhaust air systems are examples of the systems specifically covered and time-saving forms are included for precise record keeping during the conduct of a TAB project.

Changes to the manual include expanded tables for stainless steel and aluminum, expanded tables for duct sizes up to 96 inches manaul diameter, introduction of a new Duct Class 5 for systems handling corrosives, and spiral lockseam pipe.

Also covered are forced air heating, heat pumps, automatic control thermostats, flues and sound and vibration. Download all of this and more free from members-only section of www. Duct System Calculator This calculator, complete with detailed instructions, enables HVAC system designers to smaca an average duct system without additional references.

The Guideline covers how to manage the source of air pollutants, control measures, quality control and documentation, communication with occupants. To help keep costs in check go to the Reference Manual for Labor Units.

Guyed Steel Stacks-Welded Lockseam Construction The first edition of the Guyed Steel Stack manual is devoted exclusively to vertical, uniform diameter guyed stacks with welded longseam or spiral lockseam fabrication for at-grade or penetrated roof installations. Covers fire dampers, breakaway connections, combination fire and smoke dampers, framing of structural openings, contract plan marking, installation instructions and special applications.

SMACNA develops and publishes more than 30 technical documents with more being added to the library each year and several in review and revision cycles.


Architectural Sheet Metal Manual Update your library. The duct sizing tool offers a inch maximum duct diameter. Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual SMACNA contractors smcna the current and future potential use of fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP duct as well as its smaxna properties, to provide contractors, architects, engineers, managers, and plant owners with this authoritative resource that can be relied upon for the proper selection, manufacture, and installation of FRP duct systems.

This webinar presentation on duct air leakage will define what duct air leakage is and how it relates to equipment air leakage, accessory air leakage, and HVAC system air leakage. In addition, variable frequency drives, direct digital control systems, lab hood exhaust balancing and the latest balancing equipment and procedures are presented.

SMACNA Offers Members Many Free Products, Manuals, And Services

Technical Inquiry SMACNA develops and publishes more than 30 technical documents with more being added to the library each year and several in review and revision cycles. The program helps designers of air pollution control and industrial ventilation systems in selecting reinforcement alternatives in all areas of industrial duct manufacturing. Achieving uniqueness in building construction should start at the top. The manual shows how very low- and very high-risk areas of the country can be accommodated.

New to the publication are design considerations for free standing stacks under resonant vibration, established limits on stacks fitted with testing platforms, larger stack selection smcna, and consideration of custom designed anchoring systems instead of a standardized schedule.